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Ok so it's been a few weeks since I started using my zenith pro big boar aluminum and I'm just not happy with it. I really wanted to like it, I mean what's not to like. Aluminum handle, really big loft and large handle which is what I like (like the omega pro series of brushes) but it just doesn't hold up to my semogue in any way but maybe how it looks and that's as far as it goes. Right off you can tell it definitely is not all that dense which to me makes it harder to build a good thick lather. You can make a good lather mind you it just takes longer. And even though I love larger handles something about this one just didn't make it with me. My hand would cramp often with this one, don't know why really, it just did. Now to be fair it is a beautiful brush and seems to be well made, only losing maybe 4 or 5 hairs in all that time. Firmness of the bristles is fair just doesn't feel like they really packed the bristles in there like some of my other brushes. All in all it just isn't a very aggressive brush and therefore not for me. More suited for someone who wants or needs a softer boar brush. Maybe it's for you.
My Zenith boar is densely packed and whips up a quick lather I have the chromed copper handle. I enjoy it so much I sold my Thater boar brush.
Sorry it's not working for you. It looks like a really cool brush. I would love to try one sometime. Now I have something to keep an eye out for on BST!
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