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FS Brushes (Vey, Thater, Simpsons, STFv2), vintage Gillettes, Leaf razor

Offered for sale are some products that are not in use as I narrow my kit.


  • Rudy Vey – 21/46 with Shavemac two-band silvertip fan, similar to Duke 2 handle in deep purple swirl resin, this brush has a lot of backbone, so the knot did not bloom much (it will eat up hard soaps like nothing), no shedding - $70
  • Thater – 4292/4, 23/52 three-band silvertip bulb, in very nice shape and very luxurious hair (backbone is medium due to the bulb shape), no shedding - $55
  • Edwin Jagger – standard L size Synthetic Silvertip V2 (23/55), I’m just a badger-only person although this is the best synth I’ve tried by a mile, tortoise handle w/original box - $35
  • Simpsons Duke 3 Best – this will be a brush for a particular person, I’m selling this at about half the normal price since it sheds about 2-10 hairs a shave, great batch of “Best” hair (best I’ve had - haha), this will work for someone that wants to try a Duke for short money, doesn’t mind a few years of use and is willing to reknot once the “bald spot” emerges (or not) - $35
Gillette Razors:

  • 40’s Style Superspeed (W2 1951) – very good user grade, doors in very good shape, one slightly lazy, tip of a cap has tiny bit of brassing as does the handle (typical and where most wear shows up), twist to tighten works very well
  • ~1954-55 UK Ball-end Tech – also very good user condition, no date code, when tightened w/o blade, there is a tiny rattle, but the gap is fully filled loaded with a blade – the effect is it seems just slightly more aggressive than you’d think which works really well.
I would prefer to sell these two as a set for $40, but could break them up if sold with something else.

  • 1960 Fatboy (F1) – very good user condition, slight brassing on end caps and slightly lazy doors, otherwise works exactly like you would hope - $75

  • Leaf Razor in the Mercury finish (currently out of stock with Leaf) – used five times, with box and with 19 of the 20 blades it shipped with - $65

All prices shipped in NA. International available with revised shipping prices.

Gillete all.jpg
Gillette all 2.jpg
Here are some bigger pics...didn't realize how tiny the others were. Fatboy, Super Speed, and Tech.


Thater - $50 $49 $48

(folks, this would be $130 retail at Maggards - it's a wonderful knot and I'm only selling since I have a virtually identical one by Shavemac)
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