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It’s been awhile since I was really active here, but I’m cleaning out the closets of some lesser used things I’ve got. If I misidentify something or am off on the prices, I invite correction (it’s been awhile …). I can accept payment via PayPal and will only ship CONUS. Prices don’t include shipping. Plan on adding $5 for shipping per purchase (I'm thinking to use USPS priority small boxes). If it's less, I'll refund the difference. Depending on how much more, I'll cover the difference. Preference will be given to people interested in purchasing multiple items.

  1. First up is a nice vintage butterscotch shaving brush. On one side it says “Made in England for Brooks Brothers Established 1818.” When I first got it, I was unsure of the maker. While I thought it was a Simpson’s brush and I’ve also seen similar handle shapes for Brooks Brothers that appeared to be rooney, someone had suggested the sticker suggests it was an uncommon Benwell brush. Whatever the case, it’s got the great vintage butterscotch color. I’ve not noticed any shedding, though I’ve never used it - just rubbing my finger over the bristles. Handle is about 2” tall and a hair over 1 3/8” in diameter. Knot loft is about 2” and appears to be a bit under 1” in diameter, though I’m eyeballing and don’t have calipers for a more precise measurement. I’m asking for $65 + shipping.
  2. Next up is a Simpson’s Emperor 1 in Super Badger. Very nice brush with no issues shedding. I’m asking for $85 + shipping.


Fountain Pen
  1. I’ve got an Edison Collier fountain pen. I believe this is the “antique marble” color, though it’s been several years since I purchased it (~2011) and I can’t find my original receipt. As far as I know, it’s the steel nib and it’s EF in size. It’s been awhile since I’ve written with it and it only ever saw light use (I’ve gravitated towards vintage pens), but I’ve never had issues with it. The EF nib, though, isn’t the smoothest I’ve used. I’d not describe it as scratchy, but it’s not butter smooth. Personally, I’d probably get a new converter for it, but it seem to draw and hold water just fine. I’m asking $100 + shipping

Razors - everything here is user grade and I’ve tried to note the conditions. I don’t believe I ever used any of these, though they could use a clean.
  • A Gillette Khaki set. User grade at best. The head with the US Army stamp has a bent tooth. I don’t think the old type razor is original to the set (note also the loose ball end and slight crack). $20
  • Some sort of Gillette New Tuckaway set. It’s missing the lining to the top on the interior, but the case is otherwise not too bad. Teeth look straight, though it’s seen some use and could use a clean up. $25

More razors to come ...
  • A Gem Single Edge razor with wooden box. Never got into single edge razors like this but it looks fine enough to me, though it need of a clean up. Box has a few odd dings, but looks pretty good overall. Asking $20
  • A Gillette Milady Decolletee set. The hinge is broken but the case is otherwise decent. Teeth are straight. Ball end is loose. $30

  • A Gold Gillette Tech - definitely user grade with some wear. But hard to beat the shave from a tech with a feather blade. Asking $10
  • Two Schick injectors, both with nice colored handles. $15 for the one with the case, $10 for the one without it.
  • A Gillette short black handle (roughhly 3 1/4”) adjustable. I seem to recall these being called Black Beautys. Date code is U4 if it matters. Adjustablility works fine and doors open / close well. Needs a clean up. $30

A few more to come ...
  • A Gillette Old Type set. Case is a basket weave pattern. Interior has seen better days and razor needs a clean. Teeth look good but ball end is loose. $20
  • A Gillette New Improved Big Fellow - Less than user grade here. Missing one corner tooth and the remaining three are bent. $10
  • 3 Gillette News. All user grade and each with their quirks and in need of cleaning. But teeth look fine. $15 each, note your choice of 1, 2, or 3 if you have one.
  • 4 Gillette Old Types. Teeth look good and some have loose ball ends or neck pieces, but serviceable as users. $10 ea, note your choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4.
Well, shoot. Guess I was off on prices. Most all prices reduced. All prices are + shipping, which should be around $5 per order. PM with at least your zipcode and I can give you a quote. Note the following reductions …

-Brooks Brothers brush - was 65, now 50
-Simpson’s emperor 1 - was 85, now 75
-Edison Collier - still asking 100
-Gillette Khaki set - was 20, now 15
-Gillette New Tuckaway - was 25, now 20
-Gem with wooden box, was 20, now 15
-Gillette Milady Decolletee, was 30, now 20
-Gold Gillette Tech - Was 10, now 8
-Schick injectors, was 15/10, now 10 (cased) and 8 (no case)
-Gillette short adjustable - was 30, now 25
-Old type set, was 20, now 15
-New improved big fellow, was 10, now 8
-Gillette News, was 15 ea., now 10 ea.
-Gillette Old Type, was 10 ea, now 8 ea.
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