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FS Brushes: Paladin, Varlet, M&F, Elite

FS Brushes. All are really great. I just need to make some room for new ones.
Paladin 2XL 28mm Lavender handle. This brush is beautiful and was $225 new. Very lightly used in my large rotation. Maybe ten uses. Be warned. If you don't like gel tips stay away from this one. $170 shipped to USA and PR.

Varlet Ranger. This is a small one. I'd say 24 to 25 mm. It is soft with modest density compared to my other Varlets. Alpine grade. $225 USA and PR.

Morris & Forndran L7 Finest. 26 mm. Very firm backbone and scrubby. Not scritchy. No gel. $140 USA and PR

Elite Razor Manchurian 26mm. Handle is blue resin and real Wild Horse Jasper (stone). Very nice brush. $70 USA and PR.

If anyone outside of the USA is interested send me a PM. You will have to pay the shipping and understand and accept the time and risks involved with international shipping.

Dang I want a Varlet and been waiting… GLWTS
I've had three and got them all second hand. I have no idea how people get them new. I'm on Aldo's email list and I think I got notified once in the past couple of years. He gets some outstanding hair and makes great knots. This one is a little small for my tastes. The other two will have to be wrestled from my cold dead hands.
Please note. I do not have the card for the Paladin. The knot is big, fluffy, and VERY gelly. To be honest, I like some scrub and that brush is way too gelly for my tastes. Price now $160. Price for Elite brush now $65. That's about what the knot would cost new from Elite.


Abandoned By Gypsies.
I have my eye on the beautiful Elite brush. Hope it goes to someone more deserving. Have too many brushes already, but if still available when I return from travel soon, I intend to offer it a new home.
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