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FS Brushes M&F Simpson Rooney Wolf Whiskers

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It's getting hard to find brushes in my collection that I'm willing to sell, but if I want to get more I've got to make some room and raise some funds. The Simpson T3 Tulip is from the gray box era and will ship in that box. T3's are supposed to be 22mm, but this seems a little bigger to me. A new T3 Super is $275. My gray box T3 can be had for $150. Frank Shaving G4 Synth. 26mm. I've seen these for up to $55. I've never used this one and the handle is surprisingly nice. Selling for $30. Rudy Vey B&B limited edition Manchurian. Only 25 were made at $130. Mine is $100. M&F Alibaba 30mm Blonde. Huge brush. These are $260 new. Mine is $160. Rooney Heritage Collection Emillion. Not heritage hair, just nice super 3 band. About 24 mm, these were about $180 when they were available. I've only used this three times. $120. M&F Tulip. Older All-Lee brush. Extremely rare shape. Mine has heritage 3 band hair and has been used less than twenty times. There is a tiny chip on the lip of the handle that I cannot capture in photos. To be honest I can't even see it, but I can feel it if I slide a fingernail along the rim. $130. Wolf Whiskers TSE handle in White and Rocky Road with a TGN High Mountain White knot at about 25mm. I know I'm going to regret this one. Peter made this for Maggard meet 2018 and sold it to me. It was about $145. Selling for $125. All prices include shipping to the USA and PR. Add $20 and I'll ship to other places.

$5 price reduction on all remaining except the Rudy. I can't go under $100 on that. Current prices: Simpson T3=$145, Frank Synth=$25, Rudy Vey=$100, M&F Alibaba=Sold, Rooney Emillion=$115, M&F Tulip Heritage 3-band hair (about 22-23mm)=$125, Wolf Whiskers=$120.
Rudy is sold. Only the Frank synth and Gray Box T3 are left. The Frank has a surprisingly nice handle and the G4 synthetic fiber is supposedly the same as the highly regarded Muhle STF. I will throw in a couple of tucks of Bic Platinum blades with purchase of either brush. I've never used Bic blades so I don't know if they are any good. They seem to get some mixed reviews on here. I've seen some guys say they love them and others say they are just OK.
Well I guess we can put this one to rest. Everything sold except the Simpson Tulip and Frank Synth. The Tulip is a bit of a surprise. Gray box brush, with its box, for less than $150. Oh well, a successful sale and I get to keep that classic. I'm good with that. Admins. you can Archive this one.
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