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Brushes and Pre-shave Oil

Does anyone use PSO regularly without any detrimental impact on your brush(s)? I've dabbled over the last couple of years with some PSO (Musgo) and strongly suspect it of "coating" a couple of my brushes. When I did use it, I used very little at a time (4 drops rubbed between my hands for my entire face and neck). However, those brushes that I used it with don't seem to lather as well as they once did. Let me know your thoughts about this working theory of mine and what techniques, if any, you suggest to get things back to normal.
I suspect that soap or cream will emulsify any oil that is used. I generally do not use pre-shave oil, but when I have my brushes rinse well and I have not had any issues.There was another thread on this topic, and as I recall that the consensus was that pre-shave oil won't harm brushes. At worst, clean your brushes with some dish detergent. Good luck!


If used properly PSO shouldn't gunk up your brush, but a good cleaning with a gentle dish detergent like Dawn should get it back to normal


I use a PSO regularly and have yet to have any ill effect to my brush or lather for that matter. Some soaps don't lather well.
I also use a PSO. I do find that when I rinse some of my brushes after shaving there is a slightly gritty substance on the the badgers and boars but not on the synthetics. I gently but firmly rub the tips of the hairs between my fingers to remove any of the grit. Ironically I can't see it on my fingers but I can feel it. That being said I do not see any negative impact on my brushes from using a PSO. If I feel that there is an accumulation on the brush, a soak in some dawn dishwashing detergent and/or some diluted vinegar and all is as new.
Something you can do to help get the oil into your skin rather than just on the surface of your skin is to use a hot towel after applying the oil. Make sure it's streaming hot and keep it on for 3 min.
I use PSO only with creams, since my soap is Arko and it has plenty of extra slickness of its own. Therefore, only 15%-25% of my shaves have PSO involved, and a sparing amount at that. I figure the brushes then get an oil-free soaping with the Arko shaves and that probably washes out any residual PSO well enough.
If you want to clean your brushes a little deeper, Borax and hot water is often recommended.