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Brush Wars?

I am very curious to see the results of this, I was wondering if anyone had any news about how this was shaping up and when will the results be posted?

Is this going to be based on scientific evidence or the usual anecdotal proof which we enjoy so much reading, and dispensing as well? :biggrin:

It is time to come clean. The latest Middle East cycle of violence was really incited over Brush Wars. This lighthearted thread by our very own Joel is a very serious matter. It seems that the Israeli's are fans of Simpson brushes, not surprisingly since the UK and the US are their staunchest supporters. Hezbollah is a fan of Shavemac, since the German position in the UN is generally conducive to the status quo.

Anyway, the Israeli defense forces were using Simpson's Major travel brushes in between raiding Lebanese border towns, when Hezbollah militia members began taunting them from a distance. Cries of "crappy quality control" and "handmade-shmandmade" whipped the Israeli's into a killing frenzy. Before you knew it, there was an international incident. It turns out the only way hostilities were brought to an end was for Bernd at Shavemac to agree to produce brushes for Hezbollah with his older bristle. In this way, both sides were appeased.

I suggest we are more careful in the future when we ascribe simple shaving to "war" status.
Oh I see, so this is why Lee is out of the "Major", so are the Captains hogging all the PJ2's.:a3:
Cheers, DJ.
Jack Bauer said:
I am very curious to see the results of this, I was wondering if anyone had any news about how this was shaping up and when will the results be posted?


It is still in process..... unfortunatly it is more time consuming than I first invisioned, and having moved, switched jobs, etc - it even further bungled it up. Rest assured though - I have still been on the ball, testing the brushes.

So far it looks like the best "all around" award is going to be going to the Savile Row SR3824. Seriously....... I do not think that brush can do wrong. Feels great, looks great, works great, easy to use, built great, perfect proportions, perfect loft, perfect knot size, etc etc. Charles REALLY knows how to design a brush. The Simpson Chubby is just an animal... really a heck of a lot of brush to weild, and once mastered is one hell of a shaving brush. Simpson ain't foolin' when they call it the best shaving brush in the world. I'd LOVE to see the Chubby 1/2 head on a PJ or emperor handle.... YOWZA that would be a winner! The Muhele has also proven to be superb, especially when one considers its low cost. The EJ is superb, the Plisson is more of a "one trick pony" and underwhelms me, the men-u is surprisingly effective, the PJ3 is "good" but doesn't drive me wild like the PJ2 (which would mop the floor with the competition in this test) the kent is classic, the shavemac is exactly what you would expect so far.... a superlatively crafted shaving brush, and the Superior Brush... well... I've grown to find it decent. For the $, I still feel there are better options, but it has proven to be a nice shaving brush..... it is a WONDERFUL handle in search of an equally wonderful knot of hair. The biggest let down of the group thus far has been the Vulfix "silvertip" and being one of the most expensive brushes in the lineup... spells bad news for the Vulfix.

I think what I will do to make it easiest on everyone is release ONE shaving brush review (from the brush wars) about once a week or so, starting next Sunday night. To "finalize" my opinons on each brush I will use each one for a week straight (I have been changing which brush war brush I have been using daily) take pics of it in use with hard triple milled soap, glycerin based soap, shaving cream, etc and give the "final" opinon of my experience with the brush, the "facts" as far as exactly what the brush feels like, performs like, ergonomics, etc.

This has been quite an undertaking, however I look forward to being back in the swing of things once I get the brush wars out of the way, and get back to reviewing creams, soaps, colognes, a/s, posting SOTD's, etc. :thumbup1:

After the brush wars the following will be on the plate - A review of a Muhele Pinsel handmade silvertip, a review of several shaveving soaps, a critical look/comparison of "High end $300+ shaving brushes" compared with similar size/styles of "value" brushes.
Sounds great! Joel- how did you keep track of everything? I am picturing grease pencil notes on the mirrors :biggrin:
Thanks for replying. I really look forward to your reviews on all of these brushes. The brush wars was the first thing that got me really interested in this website and I think that it is a great idea. I am sure your reviews on these brushes will be very thorough as all of your other reviews I have read have been great. Having just invested in a Chubby 1 in super I am especially interested on your view of the chubby 2 which from this post seems to be positive.

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