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Brush Wars - update....

Due to several complaints on brush war threads being locked and the like - the brush war threads from this point forward will be "hidden" and will not be made public until they are complete. The methodology here being - it is unfair to post first experiences with brushes, without then having the second, third, etc being available. For instance - one brush in particular I have used once, and I am not quite fond of. To post my unfond opinion would surely cause "amuck" where by in 2-3 more uses may cause a totally different result. To post all of my experiences from start to finish would provide a much greater overall scope with greater clarification.

If you have any questions or enquiries on one of these brushes - please don't hesistate to pm/email me.
Hey Joel!

Are you going to test these brushes using the Method Shaving way of scrubbing the brush on the Cube (to test their durability)?

~Tim :cool:
Just as an FYI, this test is on its last leg and will be posted in a week or two. So far, the Muhle is really proving to be quite a brush for the $, and although I have a few muhles, and they tend to be mighty soft, this particular model is a nice blend of softness, without being moppish. It very much reminds me of a Simpson PJ2 - albeit a much lower cost.

Stay tuned....
Really looking forward to the results. Just out of interest how come there weren't any Rooney or Joris brushes in the test?
AJS said:
Really looking forward to the results. Just out of interest how come there weren't any Rooney or Joris brushes in the test?

Rooney promised on multiple occasions to send a brush... and never did. I had waited for them long enough - and so they are not par tof the "test group" however in the end notes, I will discuss brushes/brands overall and having used 5 new Rooneys and currently owning 2 (one in super silvertip the other in Finest).

As far as Joris - there is only a reasonable level I can take this test... for instance, trying to acquire an Omega badger brush was a major hassle, and even ordering one I was told by the vendor would take months for its arrival, there were no Dovo brushes in the test, no kingsley, etc. Joris specifically is essentially the same as plisson, in that it is made by the same folks - so it would be like adding a Col. Conk shaving brush (made by Vulfix) to the test... it would be somewhat moot. Joris brushes also tend to be more "fashion" and less "function" and have never impressed me in the slightest. I purchased one from French Ebay for about $30USD, and it was one of the high end models... I kept it for about a month and sold it. Highly.... highly overrated. At least with Plisson in my opinion, you get one hell of a shaving soap brush - the Joris just seemed to be "medeocre" all around... but hey - to each their own.

Usually the rare/unheard of brushes are rare/unheard of for a reason.
joel said:
... for instance, trying to acquire an Omega badger brush was a major hassle, and even ordering one I was told by the vendor would take months for its arrival...


I don't know if you really want to get an Omega badger brush, but you may be able to get one from the Glebe Apothecary (Located in Ottawa, Canada). I don't know if they have these brushes in stock, but I've purchased from them before (in person) and found it to be an OK place.


I'm following this thread with great interest, but wondered why there have been no recent updates? It is now November and it looks like the thread has died. Are you still working this?
It appears he is not.


Do you mind if I ask the purpose of digging up a month old post, and answering that month old question not addressed to you... without having any knowledge of the subject at hand? (Please don't answer, that's a rhetorical question.)

Joel commented on the brush wars ten days ago in this post:


What ever happened to brush wars?

Still going on. With having moved, getting a new job, server changes, forum upgrades and the development of the forum brush - it had to hit the back burner. Once B&B members have a B&B brush in hand - my attention will be back to the brush wars, but for now my promary focus is getting the finest brush possible in members hands as soon as possible. :smile:

That was posted on the third of THIS month.

Now granted, it's hard to keep up with the 800-1000 new posts every day here, and I readily admit that I'm guilty of not reading every single one, but if you don't know the facts, even when they're available publically, then simply posting for posting's sake adds no value.

Perhaps your post wasn't meant with any ill will, but from where I stand, it comes off as flippant at best. Having had extensive conversations with Joel and John throughout the brush creation process, I have a decent idea of how much they've worked their asses off to give the members of this board an awesome brush. Snippy retorts go along way towards dejecting people who give a lot of their time for nothing more than an 'atta boy' and knowing they've helped out a large group of people.

No negativity from this end my friend. None at all. Insulting people (for no reason) whom I don't know on shaving forums is not something that I have much time or energy to do. I must have not been paying attention to when the post was made and I saw no reply. Glad you set me straight.

Kindest Regards,
Hi Joel,

I was wondering if your life has slowed down enough to resume the brush war. I know you were/are very busy, but I have been anticipating your opinions. If you haven't had the opportunity, that is totally understandable.

+ 4 :biggrin:

Jiist of it is this - the test became so in-depth they became silly, long and worthless. Almost :redface: Charles Roberts absurd. After all that work it was a bit of a punch in the gut - I got mighty, mighty busy - and I sort of forgot about it/lost interest.

I have been meaning to mention I plan on still reviewing the brushes, and coming up with reasonable/legitimate conclusions without 30 pages of absurd banter. I feel the best way to do this is to post a review (in the review engine) of each brush (which allows others to post their reviews of the brushes as well) - then post an "overall" re-cap of the brushes, comparisons, etc in this forum.

Brush Review #1 will be up by this Sunday. Having used them for about a year (all about the same amount) I think I've got some pretty good insight/feedback on 'em, how the perform, what they feel like, quality, etc.
+ Some quite absurd number...

I was always hoping that the brush wars thread would spark back up... I thoroughly enjoyed Joel's reviews...

Looking forward to the updates!
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