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Brush Wars discussion Thread for Superior Brushes 25mm Super Review....

My Superior 20 mm is a great little brush.
You probably recognize the handle shape ;)
This little brush from the firefighters in New Mexico is a pretty terrific piece of work.
"Custom" made for me, the brush was born after several emails with Randy describing exactly what I was looking for.
For $50 shipped, Superior built me a nifty knockoff of a fancy-schmancy brush costing $100 more.
The handle is carved out of a Corian (countertop) - like material and the badger knots are preformed in China - (the ONLY drawback or kinda negative thing one might say about the brushes).

Here's the deal-ee-o, tho:
I'm really glad the knot couldnt be over stuffed !
Ive already got a Simpsons CH1 and a Rooney that are so jam packed full of bristles I have to force the lather outta them.
Compared to these, the Superior seems woefully understuffed but it sure gets the job done.
NOT FOR FACE LATHERING.....this brush excels when the badger meets the cream in a bowl.
Lather explodes in seconds and stays down at the tips where it should be.
Other reviews on Superior products mentioned unusually strong badger stank but my C&E BBB reeked much worse than my BeeHive ever did and the lil smell was gone after 1 use.
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