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Brush War Input Needed....

Should I Include both the Simpson PJ3 and the Chubby 2 in the competition?

  • Just the Chubby 2

  • Leave both in, as they will be reviewed individually.

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Several individuals had emailed/pm'ed me in regards to the Simpson PJ3 engaged in the "brush wars" and mentioned it would probably be more reasonable to use a chubby, or polo for the brush wars, as that is more apt to take on the likes of a plisson white, and other high end brushes... they felt although the PJ3 was superb, it would not do Simsons justice. Well - I emailed Simpson and asked them if they felt the PJ3 I had bought from Lee would be the best representative of their shaving brush, for the "brush war" competition, and then I listed the current entrants... I never heard back from them. I emailed them again, thinking they possibly lost the email or what have you.... and again, did not hear from them. Oh well - I was not about to buy ANOTHER simpson to replace the PJ3 if they weren't even responding to me. Well.... today the USPS man knocks on my door, and delivers a package from Simpsons.... in it, all 6 of their coate's creams in tubes (to review) a gorgeous Simpson catalogue, and a magnificent Simpson Chubby 2 Super! Holy cow, I didn't even ASK for one! TOO COOL! Strange, as I had been wanting a Chubby for some time, but was unwilling to shell out the $ after all of these brushes I had been purchasing as of late.

Bottom line - I HAVE to include this in the brush wars competition, as Simpson sent it to me specifically for this "brush war" and I had given other manufactures the option of suggesting which brush I purchase/include - or sent a brush for the competition, so it is only fair, but the question then lies - do I ALSO keep the PJ3 in the "brush wars" thereby having 2 different simpsons, or do you all feel that would be an unfair advantage to simpson?

Please vote and lemme know, as I'd like to start this "war" at the VERY latest next weekend, and at the earliest this Sunday.

I voted for both of them; since you got them both, you simply have to compare them both to the rest of the array....

Me too. Don't forget, asking this crowd, "More info or less?" is likely to get you the "more!" answer every time. :lol:

You should definately NOT test the PJ3.......just go ahead and send it to me so as not to muddy the water!

If you feel there is a need for plan B, then test both of them!

Sleep on plan A however before you decide!!!!!!
Test 'em both! May the best brush win.

(Its not like the PJ3 will draw "votes" away from the Chubby, right?)

Leave 'em both in. I mean, how can that be a concern when you are also testing the Tweezerman and the Omega Boar in the same shoot-out? You are including the Tweezerman and the Omega, aren't you?

Both. I have heard so many positive comments about the PJ series that I am dying to know how it stacks up versus the others.
I agree with Todd. Since they sent you a CH2 for the war, I think you should only use it as part of the test. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do a review of the PJ3 as an aside, though...


You should just go ahead and include them both, Joel. (Cool dilemma, but the way....)


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