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Brush Stand for Multiple Brushes

i have a 3 brush stand from em's place. the unit is modular...so you choose the size of the base, how many prongs on the stand and the width of the prongs in millimeters.

the prongs themselves are also soft metal, so that can be gently bent for a more custom fit. they're not cheap, but they are excellent.

Hello, just ran across your post and would offer to make one for you. I make brushes and razor handles and am working on a lathering bowl. I am also working on learning to use a laser machine that I could use to make the stand. Would be happy to work with you.
I have eight brushes in rotation and not enough stands for them. I was also running out of room and my shaving area was cluttered up. I was trying to figure out a way to make more room and create a less cluttered display for my creams, mugs and brushes.

Since the creams/mugs take up the most room, last week I went into a antique mall to look around for a wall mounted, mug rack to display my seven shaving cream containers and mugs. I did not find a mug display rack, but I did find a two shelve spice rack for $6. I determined that it would hold 12 shaving brushes. Room for growth!

Now I only need one brush drying stand in my shaving area. The brush that I used that morning goes into the stand until it is dry enough to go back to storage in the spice rack the following day. Then I select my next brush for use in the rotation. The spice rack, with it's multi colored brushes looks great on the wall.

Now I need to find a two or three shelf mug rack.
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Would love to get one of Shane's brush and razor stands myself. But last I heard, he had not started back up production yet.

Please let me know when he does though...

I've been trying to figure out what to do about the stand situation myself...would really like a wood and metal option...that burl wood/metal stand on the pen-works web-site is nice...something along those lines would be great...
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