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brush size selection advice

going to order a couple boar replacement knots from TGN

opening of restoration metal ferruled rubberset measures 19.69mm.


order 18mm that opens up to 20mm?


order 20mm which is 19.7mm at base and opens up to 22mm above the base?

thanks for any advice on this.

When making brushes you usually drill about 2mm oversized so the 18mm should be just right. For test fitting and loft testing you can glue the knot in with a small amount of Silicone.
Looking good so far. I’m guessing you dyed the handle? I really like my TGN boar, it’s a little “messy” looking compared to some I’ve seen - although I’m rough when lathering - but it’s a lot softer on the skin than I expected while still having a lot of backbone. They’re great knots for the price, along with their finest badgers.
thanks for comments on their boar knots.....I'm buying blindly but figured if B&B uses them........must be at least decent. I like messy boars so that's added icing on the cake for me!

I actually painted this via rattle can. I suck at painting anything and did want to mess it up even though it's a tiny handle. it should dry matte/satin but the polyurethane should shine it up. I'll put on tommorow or monday.

A 19 mm knot is also a possible choice.

I'm pretty sure an 18 mm is what you want unless you are able a willing to open up the hole a little bit. You still might need to with the 18 mm.

to say I'm anxious to receive the knot i ordered would be an understatement.

I'm going to use rtv silicone to set the knot. I dont like the idea of an epoxy set and possibly having to destroy it to undo a boo boo.

will post again down the line when complete.

could have went bigger on the rubberset.


and the one I turned from the big maple that used to be in front of my house that I grew up in.


have to set these knots tonight or tommorow.

setting knot successful.

for being a little knot this can still whip up some lather!!!!


I must say the TGN boar knots are soft right out of the gate. time will tell with further splitting and aging.


I'm happy with this restoration!