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Brush Shape and Function

Hello All,

Does the shape of a brush (i.e. German/French light bulb shape VS. British somewhat flatter shape) make one more useful for soaps or creams over the other?

Thank you for your help.
Not really. Most regular soap users prefer stiffer bristles and smaller brushes, but there is still debate as to why this is. The small stiff brushes work better in the little soap bowls, but both small stiff brushes and big moppy brushes work up soap lather just fine. Also cream guys tend to make all their lather at once, and creams make a big thick lather. Soaps can be lathered incrementally (couple of laps in the soap, then back to the face), and also tend to make a somewhat thinner lather. So the cream guys need bigger brushes to hold all that lather, but the soap guys just need a big enough brush to lather one pass.

But there's no real difference in brush shape for working with soaps vs creams.
There are numerous people who say they are able to differentiate between domed lofts and fan shaped lofts regarding latherability of creams and soaps.
So the Plissons should be best suited for soaps and English brushes like fi Rooneys should work better with creams.
I never were able to notice a difference in practice daily usage between any of my brushes regarding soaps or creams. Could be lack of discerning abilities from my side of course:biggrin:

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