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I just ordered mine. Figured I should since I bought the prototypes in the Sue Moore Auction.
it gives me a unique set.

I'm going to order two: one for me and one to give away. Be on the lookout for the PIF in the brush forum!
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Oh man. I think one of the first stories I shared here was the badger brush I owned from 1985 to 2008. I did finally retire it as after over 20 years it was not up to the grinding I was giving it as I tried new shaving soaps. This brush looks wonderful . . . I'm in Canada so I like to take the best benefit of a combined shipment . . . but I'll quickly be in this buy as well.
Ack! I'm tempted to buy this but had to promise not to purchase any shaving stuff for myself bc my birthday is this week... I hope that SWMBO takes me seriously when I say I want this!!!
Great excuse for me to get my DRH Windsor AS and EdT... with a new brush that I don't necessarily need but must buy because it's cool. Insomnia impulse buying at its finest, right here.
Man, and I just ordered a new Semogue to complement the Omega I already have... Well, I can keep this one as a "standby"... or put it into the rotation. Decisions, decisions.
Just ordered one of these! Can't wait to get it. :thumbup:

I don't have a boar brush, so it will compliment my Plisson Badger nicely.
Oh, I am SOOOOO in! I love the blue and black handle and B&B logo! I have a few boars but this will be my first Omega. Can someone tell me what the knot may be similar to in the Omega line? Just wondering. Thanks to whoever at B&B and WCS put this offer together!
I just scored one. I haven't bought a new brush in a while and was just thinking I needed a smaller Omega...good timing!
That blue looks so cool, but then I keep thinking, "what if the next color is even cooler?" Any chance we can get a guarantee that the next batch will be in puke green with orange swirl, or something equally heinous? :wink2:

Ah screw it, looks like I'll be ordering my first boar brush now.

Edit: bought the brush, as well as almost everything else that had been sitting in my WCS cart...you know, for the free shipping. Damn ADs.
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