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:a50::a50: Step right up and gather around everyone! The B&B Essential Brush is back. :a50::a50:

It's my pleasure to announce the rebirth of the Badger & Blade Essential brush. This time, it will be boar instead of badger. These brushes are not limited editions; they will be continuously stocked and will be available for purchase through West Coast Shaving for $20.00 plus the shipping method of your choice. Each run will contain approximately 150 brushes. The initial plan is to change the color of the handle for the next run when the current run sells out.

This is a custom knot (not just a production knot jammed into a fancy handle) with extra hair that was developed by a group of boar afficianados who tested prototypes before being satisfied. This brush is made entirely by Omega.

The approximate dimensions of the brush are listed below:

Price: $20.00 plus shipping
Hair Type: Boar
Knot Diameter: ~22 mm
Loft: ~54 mm
Handle Height: ~50 mm
Total Height: ~104 mm
Available for Purchase through West Coast Shaving
Date of Availability: NOW!

Look at that cute little badger! It's saying, "Buy me and take me home!". I'll probably be collecting one of each color. Long live SBAD!


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