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Brush Restoration

Back in June, my Grandmother gave me some of my late Grandfather's shaving equipment. This has led to my "Friday Grandpa Shaves" and has finally resulted in my completion of the restoration of my Grandfather's shaving brush.

The Golden Nib supplied a 24mm Finest knot (with extra hair) which came today. I opted to leave the handle just as I found it (instead of polishing and refinishing it). Tomorrow will be the "maiden voyage." I am pretty excited. What do you thing?
Excellent job, Spivey!!

There's something about shaving again with a restored piece of your personal or family's past that, to me, is the essence of wet shaving and what this forum is all about: respect for the great traditions of history, especially when they give superior results.

Shave well and prosper!
Looks great, Spivey! I restored a brush with an Finest knot with extra hair awhile back as well, although mine was a 22mm one. It made for a very nice brush, or at least I though so.
Thanks, guys.

Gollum, I originally ordered a 22mm knot, but it was too small. Anthony recommended drilling down 1/4 inch, but I am not equipped for that, so I opted for the larger knot.

I'll put up a post-bloom shot soon....
Very nicely done. Those fines knots are pretty amazing, I enjoy mine a lot.



Thanks, Jakob.

I just shaved with it. That knot is great. I tested it out with Pre de Provence: (which is like testing a car's steering on a drag strip, I know :rolleyes:) it lathered very well and was softer than I expected. Very nice. This brush is a perfect contrast to my Rooney.
Glad to here to works so well, Spivey. Those extra dense knots do lather well don't they? :biggrin:

They do, for sure. It's interesting how much different this is from my Rooney, though. So different, and still very, very good.
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