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Hi all,

I started DE shaving about 8 years ago and have been using the same brush since. I'm not sure of the make/size, but it's whatever came in the Lee's Razors beginner set back then. Either way, I'm ready for something new.

I only shave my neck/cheeks and I face (or in my case neck) lather with hard soap. From what I've been reading I probably want a smaller knot (22 or less) and a shorter loft (under 50). Seem reasonable?

More specifically, any recommendations on a specific brush? My budget is pretty generous, but there would need to be a good reason for me to spend > $200.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice,
I have a Semogue boar brush that was less than $20 and I really like it. I shave the same areas, as I have a beard. There's nothing wrong with new expensive brush, but there are some great options at a much lower price point.

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Thanks for your thoughts.

I'm more of a one razor, one brush kind of guy.

Definitely don't need to spend $200, but thought having a specific maximum would be helpful to those giving me specific brush recommendations.


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In Badger, a Simpsons 57 or Duke 3 are great and reasonably priced.

Cheers, Steve
You've used "no name" brush for 8 years, I think anything in $40-60 range should make you very happy. If I'm you, I would spend rest of your money on things like razor, blades, creams/soaps, aftershave.

As long as you like the look, size and how it feels in your hand there are many in that price range that are very good. Most will lather better and likely be softer on your face than what you have now. I personally like badger brushes, but didn't experiment a lot. I tend to stick with things I really like and don't feel the constant need to change things.

Oh, and no matter what advice we give you, you'll never really know if you like/hate it until it's too late... lol, that's until you shaved with it few times.
There is a huge variety of Omegas available, in all types & price ranges. I feel they give the most bang for your buck.
Thanks again for your input/thoughts. Although I believe it came in a set (and is labeled "Lee's Razors"), I'm thinking that it was a Vulfix 2234S, but not positive. So I believe I've been using one in the higher end of the $40-$60 range already.

So far (other than Steve56) it seems like those responding think that the brushes under $50 are the ideal brushes for my needs, regardless of cost?
I also endorse the suggestions for a Simpsons brush. My personal preference is best grade or better as the pure badger is a bit scritchy for my taste. I would pick one with appealing specs and an appealing handle.

For less $, there are many boar options. I especially like the Semogue line-up. But this is really YMMV!
Check out Elite Razor's Manchurian white - Robert has some beautiful brushes. His smallest knot is 24 - but it is just superb.
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Larry has Badger, Boar and Synthetics in a range of sizes.
And prices well below your $200.

I've got his 24mm Synthetic and just ordered a 24mm Silvertip Badger. Both brushes were under $50.
Will face lathering make a huge difference in the type of bristles that I'll want?

Thanks JBoogie, I'll take a look.
Another Simpson fan here...

Simpson Emperor E1 is the best "small" brush I've tried. More $$$$ for that Super Badger, but it is a stellar brush. Very comfortable handle too.

On the more budget friendly side, and since it sounds like you don't have much real estate to cover, how about a Wee Scot?
Yes, it will. That's one of the things Larry and I discussed. I primarily face lather.
He recommended that I switch to synthetic because my cheap VDH boar was causing irritation. That was about a year ago.
Now that I've learned more and am experimenting with Williams, he recommended the Silvertip Badger for the softness of the tips and enough backbone for face lathering.. a good balance, I hope.
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