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Brush PIF

As a way of thanking @bjm for a generous gift I'm offering a Connaught premium jade 011842 boar brush.
This is only CONUS(sorry), just a reply you're in is all that's needed. Will run this till Monday-Tuesday if I see enough interest in it. Maybe longer. Will discuss with the winner other items I have and if they want them.
Beautiful brush and a great PIF! Boar is one of my favorites (also badger, horse, and synth). Unfortunately not in on this one as I got too many brushes already.
I'm in, please, really like the Omega Jade brush. If I get lucky, I will have to PIF away at least one of my other boars to compensate!

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Wow. What a brush to PIF. I think it might be the very best boar ever.

I'm not in, but you should be if you don't have this brush.

Happy shaves,

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