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Brush making 102 (Knots) #4 Gargantua

This is Gargantua and the biggest brush I've made at 30mm.
Loosely based on the Simpsons Chubby 3 it is one mm larger and slightly denser at about 32 grams Vs the CH3's approx 31 grams.

I don't see myself making anything bigger than this as it really is the max size I think I'd ever use. Anything larger would be vulgar IMHO.
It is the last of my Manchurian High Mountain so it is the top of the range hair.

Here's Gargantua next to a 24mm Queen red and a 26mm Black Thather style handle that I'll finish at some stage.
The handle is called White Marble if I recall correctly


Mid-trim (Good shot of bulb shape from the bottom)


I haven't washed this yet so here it is in its virgin state
When this thing blooms I'll need a separate room for it

I'm not fully satisfied with the White Marble handle as the depth is only 12mm which I don't think is sufficient.
I may have to deepen it to 15mm but that will involve a dremel so I'll have to think about it.
It's perfectly functional but I'll need to wash it and lather to ensure backbone is to my liking.

One thing for sure though my soap expenses are going to go through the roof once this beast gets put into rotation.
I was going through a spreadsheet where I keep all razor stuff and just realized this is actually the "two-band finest" and not the Manchurian.
The Manchurian went into Queen Red, the Ocean Blue and the Hexagon Cream.
The two-band finest is this one, a Hexagon Black I haven't finished yet and the original Queen Red.
So 5 top quality brushes all for less than the cost of a Simpsons Chubby 2.
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