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Brush inserts for custom turned handles

Hi all. I thought I posted this message yesterday, but I must have done something wrong ... Oh well, lets try again.

I am a woodturner and would like to add custom turned brush handles to the range of items I make. Does anyone know where I can buy good quality brush inserts for the handles I will be making. Preference would be to buy in Canada but I will consider supppliers in US or UK if necessary.

Thank in advance for any addistance & guidance.

Check this site out. They're in Austin, Texas.


I got 2 of the 20 mm silver tip from them last week (they were out of the 24mm)
You can't order from their website you have to call (toll free #) The guy will talk your ear off about turning and wood (talked for 30 min). The blanks are very nice, dense and full, bulb shape in the Shavemac style. I did a google search and couldn't find another source, but you won't be disapointed.
letterk said:
Do you have a website to show some of your other items?

Yes ... you can view some of my turnings at www.mapleseedgallery.ca. (follow additional links at the bottom of the woodturning page to see some of the pieces I currently have on display at the Tom Thompson Memorial Art Gallery).

Take care.
Outstanding. Compared to bowls and vases out of burl, brush handle are a piece of cake. Simple designs are the best, fancy beads and grooves just collect soap.:w00t:
Thanks for your comments and kind words.
And now for one more question ... dare I ask ... I think I know the answer, but will claim “newbie” status and ask anyway. Are there any synthetic brush heads that compare with natural bristles?

Thanks again
I think Joel is very high on the ManU synthetic brush, which he is testing in the Brush Wars. Joel?
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