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Brush Identification

Does anyone know which model Edwin Jager brush Crabtree & Evelyn carries? I am trying to find out the specs on the brush that I got. I know that they call it a Super Badger, but they dont give any info on knot size or loft.
The C&E website description of that brush is vague. If you have the brush in hand, try and find a soft measuring tape in mm and measure the base of the knot at the handle and the loft from the top of the handle to the tips, that should give you what your looking for. Hope that helps.
Measuring yourself, as suggested, is probably the best way. When EJ was making the C&E BBB for C&E, the brush they made (EJ best) was just a little different for C&E then the specs they had for their own trademarked brush. Handle was slightly different, at least. Don't know about now.
So to measure loft do I do it from the base to the very top, or just to the lower hair ends?
You can grab very cheap plastic vernier calipers from many hardware stores. It'll be more accurate. And you'll get both metric and SAE measurements.

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