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Brush ID help.

Mike H

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Could be an Ever Ready 925 that had the green part sanded down.


I saw a similar one on ebay, marked "Set in Rubber" and "Made in the USA". There was no makers mark. Ever Ready, Century, Maderite, and others were often marked as such.
Probably not an ER 925. Its base is hollow and would allow enough sanding down to change the proportions of the handle quite that much. (I have one awaiting a new knot. Stripped of all the glue, the walls and floor are quite thin.)

Somebody here will have one exactly like yours.
That's what I'm counting on. I dug through all the pages in the Ever Ready thread but only found one that looked similar. It was a "Simms" I believe that someone posted. The profile is SIMILAR to some of the ERs, but not a match.
It DOES look more like a Fuller than the Ever Readys. Man did you see that thing with the 28mm knot! Hole. Lee. Cow!
I did it's a beauty. You have some inspiration now. I've git a 28mm knot on the way for a chubby style. I would love to see this with a beast of a knot!!
Now that I've got it in my hands, here are some other pictures. $ImageUploadedByTapatalk1392123453.066872.jpg




Some cracks in base. Not sure if they are a problem or if they can be fixed.

Does this help identify it?
It's a Rubberset. I took an orbital sander with a polishing pad and polished up the green a little bit. When I got to the black painted wood I was pleasantly surprised to find "RUBBERSET" and "TRADEMARK" faintly stamped in the black part of the handle. Any idea what model this might be?

I also removed the old knot. I found a black rubbery material holding the hair, a bluish harder epoxy-like material below that and a brass-like ring with what looks like four small brad nails holding the ring in. The hole is currently 8-9mm deep and 20mm wide inside the brass ring. Does the epoxy need drilled out? How deep should it be to fit a 20 or 22mm knot?
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