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So i have been looking and there are a lot of diffrent options of brushes Horse .boar ,badger ,horse and badger,ect ect
are there Pros and cons to each hair ? or is it just a personal prefrence trying to find one for about $20
Well around 20$ i can go a little more there is a vie long 13710 horse hair for about $22 still not sure on the type of hair to go for
I'm happy with my choice of horse hair,recently i got the white hair 50% mane 50% tail set at 49mm after a few use,i think i'm leaning more towards the white than the brown.

The brown hair set at 48mm definitely soften up after 10-15 uses but kinda too much of backbone for my liking.The white is already soft enough out of the box and bloom after Amrbose method of breaking in and first use but maintain good backbone for soap. I might go as low as 46/47mm for the whitehair. The white is definitely my favorite and kinda have the feeling of "luxury" on if,at least to me :biggrin1:. With $20 u have plenty good choices for boar and horse hair Sir.
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After looking i found a Omega 31064 on sale for about $21 had some good reviews on the forum so i think i will give it a try, hopefully its a good brush.Again thanks for helping a nooby out.
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