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Brush handle shapes- Please add pics of your favourites!

Hi! aesthetically, I'm voting M7, L7, Beehive, semogue 1350, and custom. Beehives are just so cute.

If you are unsure of the maker and just have the "call name" you can Google "L7 shave brush" and then they pop up.


Loves a smelly brush
Shavemac 944 handle and others similar to it like the Persian Jar. It's simple and classic and exactly the type of thing I like.

The longer handles that have the same lines but more exaggerated are nice for longer handles, too. The basic shape is very versatile.

I also like Keyhole handles and the Kent handles, which seem to have a lot in common shape wise (wider base, then thin, then tapering up longer toward the knot).
Terrific idea. It might be helpful to prepare a template to standardize to some extent the recording of measurements. Depending on the handle shape and design, though, once you get past height and diameter, I suspect what exactly to record might become fairly dicey.

If restored vintage brushes are eligible, here's a few that I offer for consideration:

$Klenzo Post-Bloom A.jpg
Klenzo B-1019
Hexagonal base
Knot - 24mm TGN 2-band Finest Badger
Loft - 46mm

$Fuller Brown 2.jpg
Fuller, model unknown
Round pedestal base
Knot - 22mm Pure Badger (original knot)
Loft - 54mm

$RS600N C.jpg
Rubberset 600N
Lucite base, cast aluminum ferrule
Knot - 20mm TGN 2-band Finest Badger
Loft - 51mm

I don't have handle dimensions, but if this thread takes off as I hope, I'd be happy to drag out the calipers.
A few more:

$Green E-R After A.jpg
Ever-Ready 743A
Octagonal base
Knot - 24mm TGN Super 2-band Finest Badger
Loft - 51mm

$Klenzo After A.jpg
Klenzo B-1009
Octagonal base
Knot - 20mm TGN Silvertip Badger
Loft - 53mm
$Stanhome Pre-Bloom A.jpg
Stanhome, unknown model
Knot - 22mm TGN Finest 2-band Badger
Loft 46mm
Yet more . . .

$BBDB Cavalier.jpg
Cavalier, model unknown
Faux ivory, grooved at waist
Knot - 22mm TGN 2-band Finest Badger
Loft -50mm

$BBDB Fuller Red.jpg
Fuller, model unknown
Red amber, circular pedestal base
Knot - 20mm TGN Finest Badger
Loft - 50mm

$BBDB Rubberset 400.jpg
Rubberset 400, unnumbered ferrule
Cast aluminum barber handle
Knot - 24mm TGN High Mountain White Badger
Loft - 53mm
Three more:

$BBDB A&F.jpg
Abercrombie & Fitch, model unknown
Faux ivory
Knot - [diameter to be supplied] Vintage original Badger
Loft - [to be supplied]

$BBDB E-R 100 Blue.jpg
Ever-Ready 100
Ringed lower portion of handle, similar to beehive style
Knot - 24mm TGN 2-band Finest Badger
Loft - 52mm

$BBDB Kinsel.jpg
Kinsel's K-150
Octagonal pedestal base
Knot - 21mm Vintage original Badger
Loft - 48mm
Finally, two more:

$BBDB Never-Shed.jpg
Never-Shed, model unknown
Metal ferrule, wooden lower handle
Knot - 20mm TGN Synthetic
Loft - [to be supplied]

$BBDB Small Metal Unk.jpg
Maker unknown
Small metal handle
Knot - 16mm TGN 2-band Finest Badger
Loft - 43mm

Okay, that's all from me unless and until there's additional activity in this thread. As mentioned in a previous post, I'll be happy to break out calipers and begin measuring my brushes in earnest if it appears we're going to produce something worthy of including in the wiki.
This is my favorite brush handle. I restored an old wooden handle and knot with a Golden Nib silvertip. Not only do I like the handle because of my favorite team, but it is also a very well designed and comfortable handle for bowl lathering.

$WV Brush.jpg
This one fits my hand perfectly. I love how it bulb's out.
Bought from an ebay vendor in Hawaii "Orchid Isle".
I had a similar thread on a different site. Would it be okay to share it here? Or is that poor form?

From our Terms Of Service:

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Love some of these. My favorites are the long barber style brushes, the rubberset 400 is one of the best. I'd love to see one of our woodworkers reinterpret that style. I also think it would be cool to do a new take on old brushes like these. With exotic wood handles and resin ferrules.


I'll add these somewhat unique examples (the two in the middle) that arrived today. The Butterscotch is heavy bakelite. The others a more standard later plastic.

View attachment 404103
I really hope someone posts the dimensions of the Semogue Barbear Classico's. I love that handle!!!!!

I'm really interested in this thread and hope it catches on. I've been thinking of a good/systematic way to classify and document the handle shapes. My personal bias is on a system that would allow someone to closely recreate one of these handles with only the posted info. Let me know if you think either of these ideas would work well:

System A - more universal:

I think 5 dimensions, and 1 good picture could do the trick.
Dimensions (of just the handle, not the whole brush):
1) Overall height
2a) Largest diameter
2b) Location of largest diameter, measured from the base
3a) Smallest diameter
3b) Location of smallest diameter, measured from the base

Then, if the 1 picture was taken straight on, not at a downward angle, it would be fairly decent to use to find the appropriate proportions - just print it and measure with a ruler, i.e. if on the picture the base is 90% of the largest diameter, it can easily be calculated from (2a).

Pros: straight forward, easy to set up a template so everyone uses the same measurements
Cons: this doesn't help someone find the shape they like based on other brushes they are familiar with.

System B - classify into broad groups, then take specific measurements:

I'm not sure how many or what all the categories would need to be to cover all brushes, but say there's about 5 broad 'families'
a) concave (e.g. persian jar)
b) convex (e.g. beehive)
c) straight walled
d) pedestal (e.g. Kent brushes)
e) non-turned (e.g. octagonal)

Then take mostly the same dimensions as System A, but add some where needed, e.g. for "pedestal" brushes, add the proportion of the lower grip compared to the upper bulk, e.g. for a Rubberset barber type handle, the grip might be 70% of the total length, but in a Kent BK4 the grip may be about 40% of total length.

Pros: more detail; can figure out which 'family' you prefer and then discover new brushes in that family and be confident you'll like the handle.

Cons: more difficult to set up and think of all categories; some people may classify in different families, e.g. are the octagonal based ones shown earlier in this thread a 'non-turned' or a 'pedestal'.

Let me know your thoughts. I'm hoping this is something we can build on and come up with a good system.
I believe the Semogue BC handle was based on an older brush, the 208.

Love the handle and think it looks awesome, but ergonomically the 1305/SOC design feels better in my hand.
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I really like the long handle brushes. I have since refinished this Cling Fast (never could find anything about this brush other than it's old) in a matte dark maple; there's a picture somewhere. I just can't find it right now.

This Rudy Vey Custom is another favorite although at the other end of the spectrum. Beautiful piece of wood.
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