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Brush for Hard Soap: Paladin, Brad Sears, Simpson, Morris & Forndran?

+1, exactly. Some brushes want to be used more gently than others, but 10+ minutes covered with hot water will tame any hard soap I've ever tried.
Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely go this route and let soak a while longer


Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely go this route and let soak a while longer
I don't know how long it takes. I use hard soaps almost exclusively. What I've done for about as long as I can remember is heat water some water in a teapot before showing (which shouldn't be necessary; it's just what I do when I can), and then cover the top of my soap with it and let it soak while I'm in the shower. Depending on how much loose water is standing when I'm ready to load my brush, I might pour out some of it, but not any of the soap that has liquefied or turned soft. It usually doesn't take much pressure or time to load when I do that.

Shavemac is also a maker that should not be forgotten here. Their two-band silvertip blows all the mentioned makes out f the water.
I must say that I agree w/ @Rudy Vey. I post photos below of my brush rig. Of the 23 brushes shown, 9 are Shavemac 2 band silvertip knots. I've tried all the brands in the original post; these are the ones I reach for. :thumbsup: YMMV.


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I just discovered blooming recently but haven’t played with it much yet maybe soon I will! I have a thater I love with several new brushes from that darn rob(shipped), m&f(shipped), wolf whiskers(on waitlist) and possibly Paladin to come. I am very excited to try some of these guys works a Mozingo is also being discussed currently.
I’ve got a lot of Simpson’s and I have to say I think shavemac 2 band is a better value if you put function over all else. I like Simpson’s better, but I’m paying a premium for classic looks that don’t effect usability.

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For difficult to lather soaps, almost nothing beats a synthetic. I've tried Boar, Badger, and even Horse, and I'm sorry, my synthetics just lather nearly any soap quicker, and create more lather from less soap/cream in the process. My favorite is a 30mm Tuxedo from Maggards, that I set into a Pro-49 handle. (If you pull the reducer ring, a 30 fits just fine into that handle). - Best $11-$14 bucks I've spent towards a brush.

RR also has their 26mm Monster, which for its size is also a lather beast, my 2nd favorite brush. At the bottom of my heap is my Semogue Boar, which I rate under the horse brush I made. I've gifted and sold off most of the non-synthetics, and would trade the Semogue for another synth in a heartbeat.

If you want to retain some heat, just use a scuttle to keep the lather warm, or dribble hot water onto the brush before applying for the next pass.