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FSOT Brush clear out

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I need to clear some space...wife has been making comments!

Add $4 CONUS shipping for any/all. International shipping (at cost) for synthetic brushes only. I will cover PayPal fees.

Top to bottom, left to right:

Rubberset 200-3 w/24mm Elite Manchurian White fan - EXCELLENT condition w/magnets installed (for hanging on metal shelves and/or blade pickup). This one looks sharp and the knot is great- $70

Ever-Ready 150 w/26mm Plissoft knot -EXCELLENT condition w/magnets (hanging & blade pick up) - $30

Rubberset 200-3 w/24mm boar - partially broken in, but needs some more use. Lettering is too shallow to paint in some places; w/magnets (but not strong enough to hang, just for blade pick up)- $20

Ever-Ready 100 w/22mm TGN Finest fan - Good condition, strong backbone; w/magnets (hanging & blade pick up) - $25

Made-Rite 303L (black) w/24mm Tuxedo fan-Great condition, fantastic brush- $35

Made-Rite 303L (ivory) 303L w/24mm synthetic Silver Tip fan-Great condition, pairs well with black brush above- $35

*CHESS SET SPECIAL* Both Made-Rites for $65. They belong together.

Century Micro Travel Brush-16mm Plissoft-style knot. Great condition. This brush is tiny. It would probably fit in a cigar tube with room to spare. I've never seen another like it. - SOLD

Trades possible for certain hardware, i.e. RR Game Changer, SE razor that uses Feather AC blades, Maggard’s XL 37mm brush & razor stand, etc.??

E-R 100 is spf.

The only brushes left are the black and white Made-Rites, which are my favorites of the lot.
How much backbone do they have?

They both have decent backbone, but the Tuxedo has more backbone than the ivory brush. They make a good pair...a little different from one another and they look nice together.
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