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Brush Chronicles #15 : The Semogue Owners Club Boar

I've had the same problem as branford, but it's usually alleviated by a good cleaning. I actually found it better when using it every day.
I've had the same problem as branford, but it's usually alleviated by a good cleaning. I actually found it better when using it every day.
I tried cleaning it with both shampoo and Ivory dish soap as I would with any other of my brushes. However, as my water is very soft, I rarely have any problems with residue, including with my other boar brushes. I also tried numerous different creams and soaps with the same results.

I have no problem creating a thick and rich lather that appears more than sufficient for many passes even after I first lather-up. It's like tiny shaving faeries then eat my lather during my first pass. :001_huh: It is very disconcerting.
Here's my lather today, face lathering with PdP. Loaded 15 seconds but left some proto in the dish.

Loading, after first pass, second pass, third pass:


First working on the face, first pass, second, third.


It's a bit on the thin side but that's where PdP seems to work better.


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@Jarick: your skill lathering with the SOC makes me jealous. :ouch1:

@branford: I've experienced the same thing with the SOC, and it took a good bit of break in to address it. I handled it by loading even more than usual, as it's a big, dense knot. I also defaulted to bowl lathering so that something other than the brush was actually holding the lather. If there was something about the brush itself that was causing it (a possibility...who knows what those hogs were rolling around in), a bowl lather could reduce the effect.
Pretty late to post here but I wanted to wait until mine was broken in. After 10-12 lathers with it, almost all of which were bowl lathers, this brush is getting softer and it's a joy to use. Upon close examination the bristles still don't have split ends so I'm looking for even more improvement once it gets to that (end) stage. In fact I like it so much I just ordered another one with the other wood handle.
I wish I had been part of this conversation so that I could offer my appreciation for the many wonderful face lathers my SOC boar has offered me, using MdC, Cella, Razorock, etc. It is so finely crafted, and it just feels wonderful in the hand. I think it is my favorite brush...
I'm another proud owner of one of these wondrous brushes in cherry. Boar brushes for me are my favorite, and this brush truly is phenomenal. Masterfully crafted from gorgeous cherry, this is a lovely to behold as it is to use!
Sorry for posting in such an old thread... but I have a question relating to the SOC boar. How do the wooden handles look after some time of use?
Sorry for pushing this. I plan to acquire a SOC boar and really like the wood handles. Nevertheless, my experiences with wood handles are, up to now, poor. Admittedly, it was a cheap brush with a wood handle but it looks quite awful after some months of intense. If this would be the case with the SOC as well I would go for the resin handle. So how is the experience of the long time users of this brush?