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Brush and the Method

Hi guys:

My goal is to begin shaving with a straight razor and in anticipation I have a little concern about the "slide" of the blade.

To me the Method seemed to have something to offer in this regard mostly because it seems focused on something I discovered years ago on my own - i.e. water is essential to good shaves. So after speaking with Charles on the phone yesterday I ordered the kit thinking I could with my own experience determine if this will help when the straight arrives from Lynn.

My qestion/concern now is: Does the brush suffer damage from the manner in which it is employed in the Method? It seems almost abusive to me.

I've just recently started using a brush ( a C&E Best Badger). I figured it was a good beginning and one that I could use while waiting for the B&B Brush but I wouldn't want to destroy it and I certainly wouldn't want to damage the new B&B.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

If you are willing to accept CAR's method and purchased a kit, I would suggest you seriously consider what he has preached about brushes. Until recently he has pitched Simpsons brushes as being the only suitable brushes, typically the largest, most expensive models for use with his method. Recently he has updated his pitch to sell his own label brush.
Caveat Emptor
When I talked to Charles, he seemed more concerned with the cube/paste/DE combo and was less emphatic about the brush. He even said I should maybe go without the brush for a few shaves, just to get used to putting the products on my face. He said I'd get better results with a brush and that much is true. I ended up getting an EJ Super badger. He never recommended one of his own brushes or the Simpsons. I was a little surprised by this considering how much emphasis wet shavers put on the brush. Maybe he was trying not to overwelm me since I am a beginner.

In my daily use, I've been working the brush pretty good and it always seems to pop back into shape once I rinse and fling it a couple of times, with no ill effects. I've only been doing it for about a week, so I can't speak for the long term.
That's interesting. Did he recommend a technique specifically for using the cube/paste without a brush ? Did he suggest washing the face first, rinsing and then applying the paste with fingers ? Or maybe washing with the cube, leaving the soap residue on, and then working the paste in ?

For the brushless technique I did the latter. I washed and rinsed with the cube, then lathered up again with the cube and applied a small amount of paste. I just put it in my hands, rubbed them together and put it on my lathered up face. Then I started shaving. The brush makes this 10 times easier though because it is much easier to work up a lather with the brush on the cube. Working the cube by hand is difficult and if you plan to do it that way I'd get one of the cubes that's cut into 3 pieces to make things easier. I wouldn't recommend using the brushless technique other than just to try it out, you get better results with the brush.
Hi Joey:

Thanks for the idea.

Did you try using the brush on your face after putting the soap/paste on by hand?

I see in other threads that many gents get excellent results from that combination when they use regular cream/soap.

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