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Brush Acquisition Thread

Wow that is another beauty from Viking. I am still loving mine and would like to have another one but I really need to resist. How do his knots compare to others? Hope you enjoy.
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There are a ton of badger knots out there and I certainly haven’t tried them all. I have 2 brushes with his 26mm Odin’s Beard bulb and I ordered an additional loose knot for the next handle I decide on. I really like them, super dense and soft tips. I love scrubby brushes so I have my 26mm bulbs set to 50mm and they are perfect for me at that height.
While I do have a vintage Ever Ready 100T that belonged to my Mom's Dad, who passed in the mid 1960's, all my other brushes are modern, including a few synthetics.
I really am satisfied with the performance of my current brushes, but I came across this on E-Bay and it was part of a Fat Handle Pre-War Tech + brush combo. My interest was in the Tech, but (not until after I bought it) the brush spoke to me. Looking around on-line, there doesn't seem to be any actual information on all the older posts about the Made Rite brushes, but the knot on this one looks so much nicer than the usual old, ¢rappy vintage brushes so often seen on-line.
Made Rite Badger Brush.jpg

Does anyone have any current info on the Made rite brushes? Posts from around 2006 - 2010 all come up with empty speculation and no facts.

The pic is from the seller, and the package is currently enroute.
Finally got a Kent brush, BK4 22mm. Excited to try it; I know it's a bit of a polarizing brush, so we'll see where it's at.



Nice brushes Gents, I really need to get back into this thread more often. The only trouble is, I feel like a need more brushes when I visit back in here.