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Brush Acquisition Thread

Well I got my turnnshave tips 26mm fan set in my grizzly bay handle and I love it. Can't wait to try it out on Thursday morning. 20191022_231403.jpg
Happy shaves
I got two new brushes this week

Leonidam Molten Sapphire


Morris & Forndarn Style 3 Ocean Mist (26mm finest badger (knot set by Lee Sabini))

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My new one came this morning Clear & Lava 24mm 2 band SHD high mountain white gel tips TurnedTimberByBill


Not been bloomed yet just have to wait for the knot to set, I will post again once bloomed
Vintage Ever-Ready 150!
Found this little vintage, made-in-the-USA treasure over the weekend! Planning to have it re-vamped (by someone far more talanted than me) with a new silvetip knot. Great $5 find!!! (Yeah, picked up the Fat Handle Tech too)!


Haven’t been a brush guy since I jumped into the DE/SE world in 2013. Been using the Maggard Big Bruce since I can remember. Bought a Stirling Badger last month as an “entry” brush to decide if I wanted to dive deeper. Today, I pulled the trigger on a Black/Brown handled Shavemac (Shape 386) in 2-Band Silvertip. 26mm/52 loft. Hope I like it since it’s rather spendy!!!...Haha.