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GIVEAWAY! Brrrrrrr - It's COLD out there CONTEST

i'm in, I once was cold went I made camp after biking 62 miles to mt hood from portland, it was my first visit to the mountain and as I reached timberline rd it was dark and snowing, slowly pedaling up the dark mountain the snow accumulating the higher I got then Finally reaching the lodge made famous in the 1980 thriller "The Shining" I made camp above it close to the treeline and on about 10 feet of snow. It reached 8°F that night and I had a 40°F bag, good times
It happened a couple of years ago, on a very windy and very cold day of January. I had just dropped off my parents at the hospital for a routine checkup and parked the car in the nearby Walmart parking lot. I've been doing this for years to save parking fees. So, I get out of the car and start walking to get to the hospital. Right away, the cold bites my face and the wind pushes me hard but, that's alright, that's nothing I haven't seen before. So, I keep walking anyway. About 150 yards away from the car, my body began to send signals, something abnormal was going on. At that point, I couldn't feel my cheeks and my forehead was hurting as If I'd drank a slush drink too quickly. Then I started to feel dizzy and unwell, that's when my body went full red alarm. My body was saying "Get the hell out of there! You're freezing, you'll die right there if you stop moving". Imagine, you're 150 yards away from your car and your body tells you that you can't go back because you won't make it. That's how cold it was. Lucky me, I was 50 yards away from a building. When I reached the door, my heart was beating as If I'd done a marathon. To this day, I've never felt life threatened like that time. Never underestimate mother nature, friends.
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