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Brrr. How cold is it where you are?


Here I am, 1st again.
It is 22 degrees F. here in Southwestern Ohio : and it feels like 13 degrees F.

Even so I will be going to the grocery store later today.
Early morning here are getting down to 25°C (75°F). Brass monkey weather. Fortunately the days are getting up to about 30°C (86°F).

I'm looking forward to this gold snap ending.
-8° Fahrenheit in Denver at the moment. Glad I'm off until Wednesday when it's supposed to get back to about 30°. Hard to finger the mail when it drops below the teens.

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Dang the temp is still dropping. It looks like we will warm up to -10 Woohoo! Wind chills in the -40's though are not my idea of fun. Frostbite in less than 10 minutes to exposed skin.

-15C east of Toronto. Nice and sunny though. 👍

It was colder a few days ago and I got frostbite on my earlobes walking the dogs. The very bottom of my ears were sticking out of my hat I guess. That’s a first in my 51 years.


Abandoned By Gypsies.
Today’s St. Louis high will be 4F, shattering our previous Valentines Day record of 17F. Snow is forecasted, so shoveling is also in our future. Brrrr...
Grew up in Michigan, now live in Arizona. After being in the military, being based in California, Florida and Hawaii, I went back and spent one winter in Michigan, lot of fun when you are a kid not so much when you have to get up in the morning and shovel snow to get out your driveway. So I moved to Texas then Arizona.

Sorry for you guys in the cold weather, at least you have a change of seasons. 😀
Was -31 F yesterday morning in Laurentides, Quebec. Makes a week its cold and windy. Today its -12 with 4 in of snow fall last night.
-16 F here in Minnesota. I think I'm whining a bit too much because overall, this winter hasn't been too bad. Usually in February me, my snow blower, and warm clothes are all that matter. Certainly could be worse; temps in Canada always give me the willies, and I think I saw a recorded temperature of -68 somewhere in Siberia last week.
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