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Brown Leaf acquisitions- Aug 2022

This little beauty showed up today. Hopefully get the first smoke in tomorrow.


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Great looking pipe. I hope your first smoke is magical and it serves you well for many bowls
Just got this in the mail today. SWMBO intercepted the package this time. So this might be my last purchase for a bit till the waters calm down. Some PS LNF and Vauen Tradition #2. Saw this announced on TP and it intrigued me more than the Sun Bear release.

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The guy on the Vauen pack looks like Dana Andrews!

I'm not sure red Virginias sit well with me; the Peterson Sherlock Holmes I bought earlier this year was a disaster. Otherwise the Tradition sounds good.

I have plenty of leaf. Plenty of pipes too. But there are some pipes around the 'Net that are winking at me and saying, "Hellooo, sailor!"
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This guy showed up Friday. An ebay accident, and a very happy one at that. Merchant Service Canadian Large. The blast is very nice, I'd say great for a pipe at that price point. It's also a very beefy pipe for a Canadian. I've got longer, but nothing this chunky. It's a pretty substantial pipe.

I hadn't noticed until posting the picture but, as an estate pipe, the bag seems to have picked up a good amount of lint, and apparently a cat hair or two. I'm probably the guilty party on the cat hair. What can you do?
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