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Brooks Brothers (or the like) Shirts

I'm not sure what has happened to BB's shirts but the last several that I bought have become very uncomfortable around to the collar, very scratchy and chaffs my neck. The cotton isn't as smooth as it use to be and this seems to only be happening with the basic solid color dress shirts, not the fashion styles, ie stripes. I've only had them a couple of months and thought that they may soften some after a few washes but they have not.

Cuttingboard, yes! I was just about to post the very same thing. I received a shipment a few months ago and the shirts (non-iron) are noticeably different that those I got a year ago. The cotton is rougher and thinner than before--seems cheaper. I think it is happening to the striped shirts too, but it's not as easy to see because of the pattern. I'm hoping they smooth out with repeated washings. I'd hate to give these non-irons up, they've been a godsend for me since they debuted.

There is a world-wide cotton shortage, so they may be skimping on quality rather than raise prices.

My favorite shirts are from Ascot Chang, but they are around $150 for the non-bespoke and that's slightly out of range for daily "underwear".
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