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Use your MasterCard at Brooks Brothers (Web Site)through September 7, 2005 and we'll take 15% off your purchase of $200 or more.
Enter code MCPROMO at checkout.
Here it is gentlemen! Start your engines.. CHARGE!!!
reginald-van-gleason said:

I am guessing this only works on their website... I don't want to walk into a BBros and say "McPromo!" as their charging my credit card...
Astute!! Correct my typo.. And away we go!
rtaylor61 said:
Do you get MCFRIES with that?


"Sir do you want to super size your 44 regular to a 52 short for only 49 cents more ?"

mark tssb

good one R/T

I like that name for ya...reminds me a great car...68' Dodge Coronet R/T, Challenger R/T...you know thr REAL cars of this world.... :001_tt2:

by the way get some sleep would you....

It amazes me how my RT nickname comes about. My friends in school called me that, and it stuck. However, when I moved to Utah, I never mentioned it, and within just a few weeks, it re-surfaced at work. I'm fine with being called RT, much better than a lot of other things!

reginald-van-gleason said:
awesome... love the shirts and ties, I also need some suspenders. What's their cologne like?

"Pow! Right in the kisser!"

The 1818
For lack of a better term, very old school...
Brooks Brothers web site said:
Traditional, masculine scent with spicy undertones. A masculine foundation of sweet, powdery, leathery, and musky notes further enhance and conclude the fragrance..
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