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Broman Pivot Head Razor

I recently recently received an update email from the Broman team. I wanted to hear that production had completed and shipping was underway. But no. The language they used was... well... shall we say... equivocal at best.

The project appears to have been beset by delays since I subscribed in August 2018. Does anyone have any inside news?
I have been following this for a bit now. I did not get in on it and I don't think I ever backed a crowdfunded project before. I don't think I would unless I had a very good idea of who I was dealing with.

The most recent update posted on the Indiegogo page seemed to say they were about to ship from the factory to the warehouse, pending approval, or something like that. Really, there is no way to tell yet if you got robbed. I would dsay at this point if things don't move along in the next month or so then all is lost.