British Gillette Experts: No 77/88 Set Question

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by blzrfn, Dec 5, 2016.

    $E5041400.jpg $E5041402.jpg $E5041403.jpg $E5041404.jpg
    By now I'm sure you have guessed that my question is pertaining to this case. Is this a mismatched set or do I have some weird unmarked Gillette case that I can't seem to find another copy of. Another possibility, I guess, would be that somebody wrapped the original case with (p)leather and installed some nice brown felt. The latch looks similar to the Richwood #81, but the internal layout doesn't match (two bakelite blade holders versus singular metal holder). I have owned several 77 sets but this one leaves me scratching my head.
  1. I think you're on to something with the "somebody wrapped the original case" idea. The latch button looks like it is hiding something.
  2. Probably an aftermarket case from a grooming set.
  3. Anyhow, the razor itself looks beautiful!:thumbup1:
  4. Very yellow .
  5. +1! Great razor!
  6. I think this response makes the most sense, thanks for your input and kind words gentlemen.
  7. It's a great razor, and a great looking case.....
    Many upscale stores in England had cases made or modified
    to make there items distinctive. This may well be one of them.
    Enjoy its beauty, and not worry about it!

  8. I like those funky blade banks! I have never seen anything quite like it.

    Whatever is going on with the case, the # 77 razor is a great shaver. Enjoy.
  9. Since I can't imagine Gillette missing a chance to put their name on something, I agree that it is probably an after market case.

    And the RFB is the Best Shaver in the world!! The KING of Shavers!!

  10. Yellow is awesome! So is the razor. :thumbup:
  11. Proberly a well made after market case. The razor...10 out of 10 all day long! :)
  12. I think it is super classy!
  13. Nice find, Could me Mr Gillettes Personal Set �� But we will never know :eek:) JK Congrats on a nice looking Set.
  14. There was another set that was leather covered - very similar. I didn't want to say anything until the auction was over. RFB #44 set?



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