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British Aristocrat sets: 1936 1st gen Pre#15, 1st gen 1938 #3 Traveler, 1948 3rd gen French market set. Superb condition Olyfa (France)

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I have too much stuff and too many razors. Please see descriptions and all pictures for condition and let me know if you need more.

Prices are fixed until further notice. First buyer to PM full buy commitment gets. Buyer owns shipping risk. I am in Europe/EU. Standard worldwide shipping with tracking 20 EUR. I only ship tracked and carefully wrapped in solid box.

Thanks for looking.

1936 Gillette Aristocrat 1st gen #15 set, silver plated razor (“pre-#15” set: non-winged centerbar) - 230 EUR
Razor is good, needs polish but teeth are straight and it is well aligned. Case equally good, logo print is great. A solid early set that presents very well.


1938 Gillette Aristocrat 1st gen #3 Travelers Set, French set, Importé D’Angleterre, rhodium - 245 EUR
Rare 1st gen traveler set in the French version. Not seen often, I never saw another for sale during the time I’ve been collecting. Condition is fine but not mint. Case has been reglued, i added tons of polish and it closes fine. Razor is rhodium plated with straight teeth. Mechanics are solid. Banks are Gillette branded but the cannisters not. I received this set with the parts as shown/described. Priced for rarity.

1948 French market Gillette Aristocrat 3rd generation set - 180 EUR
This set combination has never been formally confirmed as a matched set but has appeared through the years for sale on French websites in this exact combination. Notably the case is an original French-made Gillette case. This set was bought as-is and is in better condition than usually seen offered. Razor is aligned and plating overall fine though not perfect. In the grand scheme of things one of the rarer Aristocrat sets as it was only sold in France, razor of course identical to any other 3rd gen fine shaving British Aristocrat.


1940s(?) Olyfa full original set (France) - 125 EUR
…And while we are in France I offer this superb French Oylfa set, complete with original blades still in cellophane. Fine mild shaver with awesome looks. Never saw a set in this condition.

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Fellas, apparently I may be too high on these sets. So here goes first and last price drop, otherwise they go to the vintage forum on Facebook.

1st gen Pre-#15 set - before 225 EUR - now 195 EUR
1st gen #3 Travelers Set, French set - before 245 EUR - now 210 EUR
1948 French market 3rd generation set - before 180 EUR - now 150 EUR

Thanks for considering.
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