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British Aristocrat 1936, Above The Tie Atlas M1/S1 Kit

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Hello B&B,

I never thought the day would come when I would part with either of these two outstanding razors. However, I just paid the Wolfman invoice and need to let them go. Prices include US shipping and PayPal G&S.

1. British Aristocrat, 1936. This is the silver plated, earlier version of the more common and familiar 1938 rhodium plated “generation 1”. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Compared to rhodium and nickel plating, the silver has a soft glow and is simply stunning. The razor shaves just like it should—smooth and efficient. Compared to my 1938, I find this one has a little more efficiency and a tiny bit more blade feel. I would describe the condition as E- (excellent minus). The teeth are straight; it opens & closes fully, but there’s brazing spots and some rust around the screw in the handle. It was just cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. Asking $220.

2. Above The Tie, Atlas M1 & S1 [kit]. It’s absolutely superb—mild & efficient shaver in both configurations. In my view, these are the two best from ATT’s “Classic” line. It’s incredibly well made—CNC machined from stainless steel to very tight tolerances. To me, I find the “form factor” to be pure perfection—weight (100g), size, head profile (slim). Also, I just love the satisfying “clunk” it makes when setting it on the counter. The only reason it now sits idly: for modern razors, I now prefer larger blade gaps & a bit more blade feel. Its only flaw I know of: the usual circles on the base plates where the handle meets. I thought this might start a good kit for a new wet shaver, so it includes a Vikings Grand Chairman bowl, Maggard 22 mm synthetic brush, and blade sampler. Retail pricing was about $335, asking $140.

Thanks for looking! Please send me a PM with questions or interest.

Razor Sale 1 IMG_6652.jpg
Razor Sale 2 IMG_6653.jpg
Razor Sale 3 IMG_6640.jpg
Razor Sale 4 IMG_6642.jpg
Razor Sale 5 IMG_6651.jpg
Razor Sale 6 IMG_6644.jpg
Razor Sale 7 IMG_6645.jpg
The Aristocrat is no longer available.

The ATT Atlas M1/S1 kit needs a new home! Price drop to $125.
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