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Brick and mortar shaving supplies store?

First of all, happy new year to everybody! I've only been here a short time but I am already loving the B&B community.

Since I bought my DE, I seem to have developed many ADs. Clearly, I need to satisfy some of these disorders with buying shaving goodies!

The problem I am having is finding actual stores to buy shaving supplies from, not just the internet. I much prefer to shop for things in a store than online. If any of you know of places like this, please let me know. I live in both the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the Oklahoma City metro if that helps any.

In OKC, there's Carwin's Shave Shop on Classen Curve (very nice selection) and Anderson Barber Supply in downtown OKC. It's never been open when I've driven by. And of course, there are the chains that have some limited selection (Sally's, etc). The barbershop on North May also carries a few things.
Thanks both of you.

I'll check out the TX stores soon and the OKC stores when I go back up to school for the spring semester.
AoS has great products. Just be prepared for their prices, especially the hardware. Their after shave balm is fantastic IMHO.
I have been to an AoS in Dallas- it's where I bought my Merkur (didn't realize I could get it cheaper online until after I had already bought it). I've been to Penn Sq once, but not to their AoS. Might have to make a day trip to OKC soon...

Allen, I live in Norman too. I can't wait to check out the second-hand/antique stores up there for razors when I get back.
I've ask something similar in another thread but would like to contribute to DE93's thread. I am also going nuts looking for places to purchase products. Currently living in the Springfield, MO area but travel the Mid-South a lot (very familiar with Norman, Stillwater, Edmund, OKC, Etc.).

With that said, does anyone have any advise as to where I might go here in Springfield, MO or anywhere within an hour or so?

I'm also interested in the History of DE, do/have any of you found any goodies at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, etc?

My apologies DE89 not an attempt to "high jack" your thread my friend! Hope everyone had an excellent NYE!!

kind Regards,
No problem at all, StraightEdge. Hopefully more people who know where to look for shaving stuff will see our threads and let us know where they shop.
If you are looking for software most large malls have:

The Body Shop - They carry the MACA Root products. They also have a full compliment of men's face care products. I have them and they are really good.

Bath and Body Works - CO Bigelow shaving cream. It is made by Proraso (Proraso green). Also good stuff and inexpensive.

L'Occitane - They have a full compliment of the L'Occitane Cade shaving products. Another really good product. Their Cade soap and Cade shaving cream go extremely well together.

Crabtree & Evelyn - They have several different soaps and EDT's. They also sell Edwin Jagger razors and brushes. I love their sandalwood soap and their Sandalwood EDT.

And of course there is AoS. Not in all malls as their prices are more aimed toward to the Yuppie crowd. I have bought from them because I didn't know about the other brick & mortar stores and the online stores. Good products but way overpriced on there hardware. Their software is really good and not too bad price wise.
Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, think I'll spend my afternoon, and a few gallons of fuel and go see what I can scout out here locally,, if I find anything worth while I'll definitely report back!

Happy shaves,,
AoS has great products. Just be prepared for their prices, especially the hardware. Their after shave balm is fantastic IMHO.
And their hardware isn't anywhere near the level of quality that would justify those prices......well except maybe their brushes are pretty good.
So I did spend the afternoon/evening surfing the local (Springfield, MO) stores, and you all were spot on. Macy's had AOS gift sets for $115, and two flavors of gift sets of Truefitt and Hill also way overpriced. Think I'll check out the flea markets this weekend!

Did any of you find any scores lately?

"Alliance Of Murker"
No luck yet. I did order a few things online while I search for more stores.

Thanks for reporting back!
For sure!

Bed Bath & Beyond had some C.O Bigelow (Menthol) Shaving Cream/AS for 5-10$

And Sephora - (woman's makeup store) had both AOS & Jack Black of all flavors.. Said they carry JB Brushes starting at around $125..

Going to try Just for Him tomorrow.

So far Amazon has been my Go-To..
FYI- Just for Him in Springfield, MO has a very nice selection of both hard and soft goods, none of which was too overly priced. I would suggest checking it out!
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