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Brexit, ordering directly from Simpsons - VAT?

Multum in parvo

As they title says, Brexit is still quite a new thing.
Do non-UK buyers get the VAT deducted upon ordering or do you have to pay it twice?


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Do bear in mind that the Isle of Man was never in the EU to begin with, and so is largely unaffected by Brexit. VAT will not be charged on the selling price, but taxes and duties may be applicable at the receiving country.

Multum in parvo

Every point mentioned here is valid and has its merits.

I was expecting the change to non VAT but if the Isle of Man had a special status before than it might get treated the same as Northern Ireland is now.

Anyway the shop software does not deduct the VAT upon ordering based on my location so I sent an email to Mark at Simpsons to clear this up.

Many thanks
if you are really from austria like your profile suggests, you see, get and pay vat reduced prices from simpsons webpage if you order from them. if you have to pay vat or not is up to austrian customs. i am from austria as well and ordered post brexit twice from gb and didnt have to pay anything on top as i got the parcel. i should've had, but it wasnt the case

Multum in parvo

I have opened and account and ordered from them before Brexit. My account details are correct and this is what I see in my basket.
Mark sent me an email along the lines that I’ll have to pay UK VAT and they will put a special value on the customs invoice. It might work or it might not.
This was a bit too exiting for me so in the end I ordered another Shavemac.

In regards to your purchases the customs threshold of EUR 22 is still in place until July and there are still numerous UK webshops that can’t deduct VAT for EU customers.
if you put it in the basket and click on step further to checkout, it is vat reduced at simpsons. thats what is see at least with an account and my correct address from over here. i wouldnt played it with special custom invoice as well i must say.

my orders went way past 22€, both times, all vat reduced from the shops and still no austrians involved. i guess that was luck on my end, but thats what happend to me. normally i'm not so lucky and always have to pay mwst and/or customs depending on the amount.
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