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Breatheable Boots

Looking for recommendations after I was disappointed with a pair of Doc Martens & will be returning them this weekend.

I'm not sure if leather or rubber soles are the way to go? What boot lining would you guys recommend? I noticed in my Doc Martens that 2/3rds from the heel had a leather base, while the front 1/3rd seemed a more man made material and this is what I am convinced made my feet sweat & get so cold during my days at work.

I'm looking to spend £200 max. & I want something slightly smart as I am office based, also I dont need steel toe caps.

http://www.barker-shoes.co.uk/ The Barkerflex sounds ideal, shame they dont seem to have boots in this range though.
"Breathe in, Breathe out. Your feet will be able to breathe thanks to the properties of the cork and leather which let moisture escape naturally."

So far the brands I have looked at are

Loake = Their pair of "Shilton" boots took my fancy a month ago, although I have yet to find a store that stocks them so I can try them on.


Timberland Earthkeepers = Like the look of these, but perhaps they look a bit too chunky and outdoorsy. I intend to try a pair on. These one really look good; http://www.timberlandonline.co.uk/o...PS_mnsekf10d&start=33&source=search&color=214

Trickers = Out of my price range, nice looking smart boots but £300+.

Crockett & Jones = Out of my price range, £250+. Awful website only seems to show a plan view of the boots

Kurt Geiger = Some really great styles on here, right up my alley, am gonna have to try and find a stockists so I can try a few pairs on

Any advice would be appreciated, and what do you guys wear out of interest?
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I have some low cut chukka style from Russel Moccasin co. Fully leather lined I even wear them into warmer spring weather here in NE Texas. I also have some unisulated Danner's that are quite comfortable.

My feet sweat quite a bit and most things with a lot of synthetic material cause a lot of foot odor for me, so I try to keep with natural material.
I wear Danner's for work (USMC) and like every other pair of Danner's I have ever worn they are the best damn boots I have ever put on my feet, very comfortable and very durable. I don't however see any of the non-military styles as being "smart" like the OP had posted, more "field and stream" in my opinion.

I took notice of a similar question a while back and was very interested in the suggestion of the R.M. Williams brand of boots. They may be very close to your price limit, but I could see myself wearing them more comfortably in an office setting than a pair of wingtips if that's the sort of thing you are after.

Give it a search or go here http://www.rmwilliams.com.au/springsummer/FindStore.aspx

Looks like there is a stockist in London like your location states.

Happy hunting.

I appreciate all the links guys.

The Rm Williams site, only had 1 pair that I would consider buying. Danners seem a bit heavy/chunky.

MARBS34 - Your definitely right, they are more "field & stream" as you put it. Your spot on.

Any idea what soles and inside linings would be the most breatheable? Leather?
Had a look on the Geox website. I like the idea behind the technology & patens but no styl;es out of ther fairly small range take my fancy.

There is a store about 30 mins from me, I might try and go there this weekend.
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