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Breaking in an Omega 636

My new brush is on its way from WCS. Any advise, wisdom of gossip regarding breaking it in or will it just happen in its own?
Plenty of threads on breaking in brushes, do some searching.

Badger you could just soak a few minutes and go. Boar breaks in a lot slower.

My method is to make a thick bowl lather, and then let the brush sit in the bowl for 30 minutes. Rinse it out good, and then lather and shave.
My new brush is on its way from WCS. Any advise, wisdom of gossip regarding breaking it in or will it just happen in its own?
I would just use it daily. It takes about a month to break in a Boar brush.


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+1! My approach exactly! (Others have elaborate break in rituals, but just using the brush will work fine IME!)
Yeah, Ive tried some of those and while I do think they are good at removing some of the funky smell from brushes, theres really nothing you can do to make the hairs get split ends other than wetting, using and letting the brush dry.
Thanks everyone. That's kinda the answer I was hoping for. It'll be here on Friday but I'll be out of town until Sunday. Looking forward to finally tossing my old Art of Shaving brush... Although at 3 years i am surprised if lasted this long.
hairs split because of mechanical, thermal, or chemical stress. Obviously mechanical is the only one at play here so after a long soak get a towel and spend 20-30min putting the brush through its paces. Repeat as many times as necessary to break in the brush. Should take a week tops. The reason you hear about people spending months breaking in their boars is because your face has very little real estate, therefore the brush doesn't get a lot of mileage.
The "636" is silvertip badger and, in my experience, is very soft. Just give it a quick wash to get the dust out and use it. Any funk will be gone in a shave or two.
Yes, 636 is silvertip badger. No break in needed with silvertip badger (or any other badger really). Just use it. The Omega silvertips are really nice knots.
I've used this brush several times and it's a beauty. The feel is just luxurious. The thing I didn't expect is how quickly it gets lathered up. I'm very happy that it's part of my routine.
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