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Breakfast in Bed Menu Recommendations

Mom's 50th is Saturday. She has mentioned enough to be more than a hint that she's never had breakfast in bed unless she was in the hospital having one of us.

So this Saturday, I am going to give her breakfast in bed.

I am not sure what would be a bad idea for a BinB. Most mornings she had oatmeal or cold cereal. When she goes out for breakfast it's a full on Southern breakfast of biscuits, gravy, eggs over easy, grits and hash browns. Not sure if that would go over too well and I don't really cook, so that eliminates gravy, eggs and hash browns.

Her favorite sweet breakfast treat are the apple fritters sold at Kroger, so that is going to make an appearance.

But what else? I'm thinking I should stay away from a menu item that include syrup. But if not, Leggo my Eggo!

I really want to knock this one out of the park to wrest the spot of favored soon away from Saint Douglas of Perpetual Perfection.
If you can poach eggs and mix up hollandaise or béarnaise sauce from a packet, you could fix her Eggs Benedict. It’s fancy looking, but not hard to make. The egg poaching is the hardest part.
This for sure.

A couple eggs, a bit of ham, bacon or even smoked salmon and a toasted English muffin. Holland from a package works just fine but making it yourself is super easy (butter, lemon juice and egg yolk) and tastes better.

Add a few sausages or bacon and maybe home fries or Hash browns and you are done.

bonus points for a fruit garnish (even orange or melon) and sparkling wine/mimosa. 👍

Oh, using scrambled egggs vs poached tastes great also and is easier. 👍
Poaching eggs is actually pretty easy. Fill a wide pan about an inch deep with water, bring it to a boil. Add a small splash of vinegar. Rack the heat back to a simmer. Crack the eggs into small cups like those little Pyrex custard cups, one egg per cup. Get out your slotted spoon and swirl the water very gently. Slip the eggs into the center of the slowly spinning water. Fish them out when done to your liking with your slotted spoon.


Aaron Scissorhands

I'll let you figure that one out above.

1. Got's ta have eggs. Scramble them very slowly in butter in a non-stick skillet. Just a pinch of salt and ground pepper.
2. Buy the hash browns in the bag...read the directions on the side of the bag.
3. Bacon or Canadian bacon. The Canadian bacon is easiest
4. I little fruit like blueberries, orange or apple.
5. Orange juice, coffee, tea or a combination
6. A small vase with a flower in it.
7. Most importantly a little kiss on the check with a, "I love you mom, enjoy"
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