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Break Out Your Board and Start Your Irons


FarmerStan the Man
i used to starch ,crease my clothes and hang em all until i had a stroke in 2013now my gf does all the laundry
I am sorry to hear this friend. My stroke was very minor, but it did effect me in some areas cognitively. In other words, what little filter I had left is nearly gone in some social settings.
A large part of my college wardrobe was vintage perma press shirts. Those were always smooth and crisp (but not stiff) right out of the dryer, unlike modern “no-iron” shirts, which look like garbage if not ironed. I can only guess they were made of something carcinogenic or we’d still be making shirts like that today.
Many years ago, when I joined the Army cadets, my mother taught me how to iron my kit. When I left home, I always ironed my shirts - jeans and T shirts never got ironed. However since I moved to SE Asia I have always had a maid and only iron a shirt if I want to wear a specific one and Lily hasn't got around to it...
Brings back memories of college. Always set aside an hour before going out to starch and iron a shirt. (This was 50+ years ago; one did not wear T-shirts on dates. Quaint, huh?)

Laundries are doing such a lousy job on shirts these days (especially for what they're charging), that I'm likely to buy a board and an iron in the near future. I don't dress for anyone else, just myself--and I like to look good, even if locked down.

In the meantime, I'm making do with a steamer, which at least keeps things from looking slept in.
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