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    I'm in the market for a new bread knife. I finally did a bit of work on our old Ikea bread knife, and now it can actually cut again, but I'd like a really decent bread knife - bread is one thing that's tricky to cut right and I eat a decent amount of bread.

    Here are ones that I've been looking at:

    • Tojiro DP Damascus 8" bread knife - 37 layers of low+high carbon steel over VG-10 core - $120
    • Frosts by Mora 3214PG 8.4" bread knife - Sandvik 12C27 steel - $24
    • Tojiro bread slicer 235mm F-373 - unknown stainless steel - $26
    • Tojiro bread slicer 270mm F-687 - unknown stainless steel - $58
    • Mora Morakniv Classis 1891 bread knife - Sandvik 14C28N steel - $96
    • W├╝sthof Classic Super Slice Knife 4532 10" - X50 Cr Mo 15 steel - $130

    I'm most tempted by the top two: the Mora because of its cost and the fact I like Swedish steel (I have a pocket folder with Sandvik 12C27 steel which I really like), and the Tojiro Damascus because it sounds quality and looks pretty. Pricey though.

    Thoughts? Or other recommendations? I really want a good bread knife that can easily cut through bread, including those with hard crusty crusts and soft insides, and one that stays sharp decently and that I can resharpen myself.
  1. DoctorShavegood

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    Don't rule out the Dexter-Russell. All the guys on the BBQ competition scene around here use them. Great for slicing brisket but really made for breads. I love mine and use it all the time for slicing bread, sandwiches, etc. I put my Wustoff away.
  2. Or you could go to supply house and get you one less then 20.?.Pick one with mean teeth, as some sour doughs can be really hard to cut..
  3. I've tried many and keep going back to the Dexter Russell. It just works.
  4. Can people with Dexter-Russels comment on their ability to deal with very hard crusted breads &c.?
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  6. ChefJohnBoy-ardee

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    I swear by the Tojiro ITK. I'm on my second but I use them all day. If you shop around, you can find it for less.
  7. Victorinox Fibrox 10 1/4" Bread knife. I've tried several and this is the one that meets my needs. Very comfortable handle, sharp, the teeth cut the hardest crust easily, and the slight rocker profile gives a clean cut all the way to the bottom of the loaf without having to reposition the knife and/or bread. Best of all, it's inexpensive. I've had mine for several years and it gets used every day for everything from bread, tomatoes, pineapples, or any tough job that needs a serrated edge.
  8. +1. We have two. Why spend a lot of money on a type of knife you will likely want to replace in ten years due to wear? It will cut frozen food too.
  9. ouch

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    If you're looking at the lower end of your price range, you'll find the Dexter to be perfectly serviceable. If you're willing to spring for the one at the upper end, it's hard to beat the Mac.

  10. Alacrity59

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    I'd consider an offset bread knife. Apparently this is what professional sandwich makers prefer :001_smile. Victorinox Forschner makes a nice one you can find for about $22 USD. The Tojiro and Mac that were mentioned have a fair bit of offset. Amazing how similar those two knives look as well. I have the Tojiro and at 10.5 inches this is a weapon. Just wonderfully amazing for taking the rind off of melons, cutting tomatoes, as well as bread.
  11. Excellent with hard crusts. The spacing and the depth of the serrations seems to be what makes it work. I have some knives with sharper, deeper serrations that cut through the crust quicker but tear the soft goodness inside.
  12. I have a fiddle bow bread knife from my M-I-L, it works well for sandwiches. French toast needs a little bit thicker slice.

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  13. ouch

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    My knife has a built in cutting board. Take that!

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  14. Scalloped blades work best in bred knives but are hard to sharpen, some recommend going cheap because you need to replace them often because of it - see this article . Serious Eats suggests both the Dexter-Russel and also the Tojiro. I did some research a couple years ago and found the Tojiro ITK as mentioned above by the Chef above. It works as well with the soft as the hard-crusted breads.
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  16. I ended up getting a 10" Dexter-Russell bread knife with rosewood handle for US$20.
  17. DoctorShavegood

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    I'm jealous and I already have one. Good choice Ben. When it comes in snap some pictures and give us a review.
  18. Alacrity59

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    Nice. Now are you buying bread or baking it? Can we recommend balsamic and olive oil to dip it into? :angel:

    Dang . . . where is my devilish smiley?
  19. Mix that with some grated Parmesan and it's darn near a meal!

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