Brass Blackbirds

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    Here's the first peek at the new brass Blackbirds! The handles here are straight off the first operation from the lathe. They then get flipped out to face off the bottom and remove that cute little tail. The Brassbird will be a permanent addition to the lineup and production will not be limited. They're running now and will be available in about a month or so. Also in this batch is the reintroduction of the 101mm handle as an option. As usual, the machined finish will roll out first followed by the polished once they are ready.

  1. Just when I decided to wait for the slant, you come up with one more reason to get the Blackbird, Oops, I mean Brassbird.
  2. A Valentine's polished BrassBird will make a nice gift. I'm in.
  3. We'll definitely have the machined brass by then and hopefully the polished will be ready, too!
  4. Whoa! Looks amazing
    im interested in the polished
    101mm nice!
    will the polished version keep off the dreaded patina?
  5. It will reduce the patina and make it more serviceable if you dislike patina because you can polish it again. Polishing decreases surface area which will in turn decrease the amount of corrosion that will develop. However, if patina isn’t your thing I would probably recommend against brass. Patina just comes with the territory here.
  6. Thx
    do you mean heavy duty polishing or just by hand. Isnt decreasing corrosion good?
    I can live without patina so maybe i should go ss
    any plans for a longer handle in ss?
    love the dart btw
  7. The amount of polishing required depends on the severity of the patina. If it’s light you’ll be able to get away with hand polishing. You can also treat brass to essentially seal it and prevent patina from developing. I don’t know much about this yet, but I’ll have a good understanding by the time these razors are released.

    101mm handles will return in stainless steel when we run those again in a few months.
  8. Just bit closer! These pics also lend some insight into the production process of the Blackbird base plates.


  9. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    Beautiful. You may have to change the name of your company to Blackland and Brassland!
  10. Little brass eggs all nestled in
  11. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY Contributor

    They hatch like chics? Cool
  12. That’s the secret. They are birds, after all.

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