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Brand new Black Beauty?

The good news is, with the condition it's in now, even if you make it your daily razor, it'll last another 50+ years

Nice find.
That might be an overestimation, though. Sometimes these have the aluminium upper part of the handle starting to loosen and turn. Then the gaps settings are completely off. And it keeps turning. I have received two like that and had to return them. Not exactly Fatboy or Slim quality.
That's a great find. I got a similar set on Ebay with US-made Gillette Platinum blades - I think the original blades and had never been used. The SA is my favourite adjustable.
Use it. Take care of it. Enjoy it.

I'm in the market for a new razor, and am going to be trying out a Slim, but it has already been suggested that if that doesn't work for me, the 109 is what I should try next. I'm envious of the price, when I took a peek, they were a chunk of change more, and not as nice. I'd not use the case, give it a nice clean, and maybe even an eye out for the blades. If you ever decided to sell/give away, it's nice that the case will be in top condition.
Nice find!

I ran across a W series (I believe 1976?) long handled Black Beauty a couple months ago when a local second-hand store reopened its doors. It had closed down during the pandemic and I was happy to see it up and running again so I stopped by. They had a long handled BB on the shelf that looked like it had little use so I brought it home and gave it a good cleaning. Somehow over my many years of shaving I missed out on BB's so I was pleased to have a chance to try one.

Its quickly become my favorite adjustable. I love the longer handle and better grip vs my Slim. I learned how to shave with a 1966 Slim. I still have that razor, its in excellent shape, and I use it once in a while. The Slim has long been my preferred adjustable even after trying Merkurs, Parkers, and most of the others. I had a Fat Boy for a while but liked the Slim better. The shave of the BB is quite similar to the Slim, but the grip and extra length of the handle puts it over the top for me.

Those are nice.
I saw one the other day on an auction site; 109 in a sealed cardboard/plastic container go for $120+....

These used to sell for cheap.....but like everything else.....gone up$$$.

Maybe I should check local adds....; but for my sanity.....maybe, not........

Nice purchase....enjoy
This is NOS as it gets, just on a display card with the lid taped on...
No card, no blades... I'd say they tried it out and used the blades up, possibly with another razor. Kept it together as it was sentimental.
Very nice razor and a terrific find!
I have the same razor, it's a 1969 and shaves very well. It still looks great, not perfect, but really nice.
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