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Boxed Wine

As summer gently tapers off along with the bluest of azure clouded skies, my stock of wine
is needing some help.

Often ppl wax poetic about the evils of boxed wine but also some types are received quite
well even by noted sommelier Mr Jack Bischoff of 21 Club on fifty deuce.

A paying members have some inkling ?
I've tried several, many are simply cheap wines. Also my wife is susceptible to headaches from cheap wine (sulfites, maybe?). The only brand we've found that seem to be pretty decent wine and doesn't give her a headache is Bota Box. But beware that some of them are better than others. I found their "Redvolution" to be pretty sweet for a red that isn't a "sweet red". But their Malbec is pretty good as is their Pinot Gigio. I've heard good things about their Old Vines Zin also, but haven't tried it. (yet)


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I have a box of Romanee Conti in the basement.
I've familiarized myself with a few wines from the Cardboardeaux Region. Only a select few have made the cut. They do come in handy for appeasing large groups, however.
IMO, there is boxed wine, and then there is wine that happens to come in a box.

The former are the cheap wines like Franzia.

The latter being regular wines. Bota Box, Big House, Black Box, and a few others I can't remember. Certainly these are not wines you are going to stick in the cellar, but for a decent table wine, they all fit the bill nicely. At around $17 for the equivalent of 4 bottles, it's a great value too. I feel they are a step up in quality from the jug wines as well. They also have the advantage of staying fresher once they are opened.

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Box wine is great in a Hurrcane. And the flooding that follows.
Over 15 inches of rain last night with no letup in sight. Might have a glass of wine and take a nap.
Box wine is great in a Hurrcane. And the flooding that follows.
Over 15 inches of rain last night with no letup in sight. Might have a glass of wine and take a nap.
Alcohol is a water displacer if I remember my HS physics correctly. ;)


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I have a box of Romanee Conti in the basement.
Nobody's going to put great wine in a box when the public perception is that boxed wine is all plonk, and the public perception that it's all plonk will never change until lots of great wine gets into boxes.

Both the chicken and the egg are waiting on the sidelines for the other one to come first.

Although yes, there will be some outliers and trail blazers who want to put better wine in boxes and try to get people to pay for it. I remember when wines from Chile hit the market ... they were decent "$10 and under" wines and cost under $10 ... and nobody would ever pay more than $10 for one. But slowly, eventually, wines worthy of $20 and $30 started showing up in those $10 bottles, and eventually the prices started creeping up toward the quality ... because people started believing that the quality could be there are were therefore willing to pay for it.

It'll be harder with boxed wine, because with the Chile example, all you need is for one country to start exporting some better quality wines and the general impression of the whole country starts to change: when Mondavi beat the best Bordeaux in a blind tasting, people knew that the best of California could match the best of France (and deserve the same prices) ... but they still knew that E&J Gallo ... wasn't it. But it's still possible.


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Great points, Ian. I have one of the best wines Mondavi ever made, their 1987 reserve cab (a 6 liter imperial!) and tasted it several times in a 750ml format. Great wine can be made in a great many places, and the wine has no idea what kind of container it will go into.

Some of my all time favorite wines are Jorge Ordonez's Borsao and Borgia, for which I paid as little as $4 a bottle. They may not impress anyone who cares only for impressive names, but they have embarrassed $50 bottles from California (and France) when served blind. The key to enjoying wine is to learn what is good, irrespective of price or source.
So I just went to Non Kosher Bar Mitzvah in NJ of all places and they had a vast spread of Bota Box

Now these are all serious wine connoisseurs who threw the manischewitz on the back burner and whacked open the Bota Boxes.

I truly must confess how popular these wines were because of their classic taste. The success of independent and epic tasting wine in a box IS possible and a reality today.

Oh Hail Modern Packaging!!!!