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Bowl Brush Battle!

Need a little bit of help from some experienced shavers! I prefer bowl lathering, and plan on bowl lathering 99% of the time. Also, I have typically used creams, but would like the ability to work some soaps into the rotation as well.

Looking for an excellent performer for - Bowl Lathering & Creams
also needs to be decent in - Face Lathering & Soaps

The 4 brushes that I'm debating between are...

Kent BK 4 Silver Tip - $125
Total Height: 102 mm
Loft Height: 52 mm
Knot Diameter: 23 mm

Simpson Persian Jar 2 in Best- $115
Total Height: 108mm
Bristle Loft: 50mm
Knot Dia: 22mm

Simpson Colonel X2L Best- $65
Total Height: 100mm
Bristle Loft: 46mm
Knot Dia: 22mm

Rooney 2/1 in Super Silver Tip - $80
Overall brush height: 103mm
Handle height: 55mm
Brush Loft: 48mm
Knot diameter: 22mm

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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The only brush in your list that I have owned is the Rooney 2/1, and it would do whatever I wanted. It was equally at home with bowl lathering or face lathering with either soaps or creams.

I'm sure the other brushes are nice, but I don't think you can wrong with a highly versatile brush like the 2/1. And the price point is pretty attractive too.
I'm no expert but, I think that they are all great brushes and I bet you would be happy with any of them, however if I had to choose...

Based on the dimensions, type of badger and the multitasking role that you are casting for your new acquisition, I'd have to vote for the Persian Jar and here's why:
If Best Badger has more backbone than Super or Silvertip it should be better for face lathering.
If a brush face lathers well, it will also bowl lather like a champ.
A 50mm loft won't be as floppy as a the 55mm Rooney, even though Rooney usually packs in more hair.
My Rooney 3/3 is my overall favorite brush - the bristles are packed tight so it holds a lot of lather but, IMO it's a bit too floppy for face lathering.
For face lathering, I prefer a stiff bristled brush that I can beat up without worrying about damaging, like my US$12.00 Omega 20102 boar.
The Colonel is my second choice only because I like the shape of the handle on the Persian Jar better.

Let us know which one you settle on!
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They are all quite nice, but i would have to second the Persian Jar 2 if you are bowl-lathering principally. Good luck.
A longer handle helps with bowl lathering, yet it can be clumsy for face lathering. The longer handle keeps your knuckles out of the bowl. A very short loft can cause the same problem. You can handle a longer loft with bowl lathering, and a longer loft is a mess when you face lather. My 2-Band PJ2 is my favorite brush, but they became very expensive, but size-wise, I think it fits what you're looking for. The Emperor has a nice handle and size as well.
The Simpson Colonel X2L should be a good brush. I find the Commodore X3 good for bowl lathering so the Colonel will be similar. The Persian jug will be a little more floppy. Let us know what you decide on.
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